Chitkara University
Applications open for next batch
Industry Integrated
3 Years On-Campus Program

Bachelor of Computer Applications

Learn and grow more than
anywhere else and get paid
the same time!

Earn a computer science degree through a learning and placement path that’s unlike any other computer science program. Our innovative industry-integrated model provides hands-on experience that gives you the confidence to jump-start your career.

An Accredited Computer
Science Degree

Mentorship and support
from industry leaders

Hands-on work experience
across different technologies

Academic credits for the
practical work on projects


Full Stack, Data Science, DevOps, Cloud Computing



Industry Integrated Degree = Degree + Skills.

You will study at our university/campus partner and a degree will be issued by them,
just like any other professional degree, but the learning experience changes.

We will transform the curriculum by integrating our learning modules. In these modules we’ll first dive deep into the fundamentals of Computer science and
then cover the latest, sought-after software technologies

You will gain hands-on developer experience by working on the Live projects of
our Hiring partners. You get paid for this and your fees will also be sponsored
by them.


Industry Integrated

Our methodology

Traditional computer science programs do not prepare
you for the fast growing, ever evolving industry.

Project Based Learning
through Live Challenges

Project-based learning is a proven, alternative learning methodology to the traditional lecture based method. Rather than teaching a lot of theory and having you occasionally apply a fraction of your knowledge on a class project, we do the opposite. We give you increasingly difficult programming challenges to solve with minimal initial directions on how to solve them.

Peer learning with like
minded group of students

Peer learning is an educational practice in which you interact with your fellow students to reach your educational goals. Coupled with project-based learning, you are encouraged to unleash your creativity and learn how to solve practical challenges by working as a team. After all, successful companies are the result of successful teams, not just successful individuals.

Real-time mentoring
by industry experts

We have the best in class mentors and specialists that work around the clock to support you in your endeavour. You will get consistent guidance throughout your degree from our partners in Industry too, helping you mature as a person and a team member.

Who can apply?

This program is for sincere and dedicated students only


A. Anyone who has passed Class 12 can apply.

B. The candidate must have studied Mathematics and
English in class 10.

C. Good aptitude and right attitude to make a successful career in the software industry.

D. Students who have appeared for their Class 11 final exams can apply for the pre-course now and can join the program after passing Class 12.

Admission Process

Pre-course - Students have to complete 15-20 hours of Pre-Course (online or offline mode).

Test - Those who get minimum required scores in pre-course will have to appear for a coding test based on the topics of pre-course.

Interview - Depending on your assessment outcome, we invite you to an interview.


Our classrooms are powered by our in-house tech platform

We have our own custom built full-stack solution for our classroom needs

Learning Modules

Courseware to learn any programming language

Project builders

Allows learners to collaborate and build web/mobile apps


Discussion boards, mentor support, groups

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