Hire Top Developers.

At CodeQuotient we are solving the problem of tech talent shortage by preparing the top talent from engineering colleges to work as software developers. We have build tools and processes to identify and train the extraordinary talent from these colleges.

This is how we prepare developers

1. Coding Test

Students join our online platform after taking a basic coding test.

2. Build Fundamentals

Then they advance their technical expertise by completing Core CS courses (Data Structures, Algorithms, OS) on our platform and do some projects also.

3. Personal Interviews

Based on the performance we invite the students for Interview and successful students are then invited for a 3 months of offline coding bootcamp.

4. Offline Bootcamp

In the bootcamp they spend most of their time in developing projects and learn the best practices of software development by implementation. They develop for non-profits or open source applications and are expected to work independently as well as in a team to deliver projects. We look for work ethics, passion and teamwork.

5. Ready for Work

The top performing students in the bootcamp ( we call them SuperCoders ) are then connected to companies for software development roles.
"Anant is a Full Stack engineer with one of the hottest startup of India."
"Sebin is building a enterprise application for a recruitment agency."
"Nitin is working with a young startup building some next gen products."

How we can help

We evaluate the technical needs of our partners and select the best developers for your team based on technical expertise & culture fit and then engage them in one of the these models :

Software Development Services

Supported by our experienced developers and designers, our developers develop softwares for startups & enterprises. We specialize in Web and Mobile.

Managed Developers ( Remote )

Managed developers who work fully integrated in your team, according to your processes.

On premises Developers

Developers will be deployed to the client location and work directly with their team. Currently this is only for Chandigarh location.
Our most common tech stacks are React.js, Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Android and React Native. We can support additional technologies also depending on scope and availability.

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