9 Management Strategies for Leading Tech Teams in a Fast-Paced Startup

Startups are often hectic, full of surprises, and have ever-changing environments. To stay on top of your game, it's essential to adapt the right leadership strategies that focus not only on you as a leader but on what is happening…


Need a Technical Co-founder? Here’s How to Find One

Technology is one of the cornerstones of startups. At its core, every startup might have a dream and business idea. However, technology is vital in realising the vision and taking the product closer to customers. Co-founders play a crucial role…


5 Books I Read During My Startup Journey and Their Lasting Impact

I am an ardent believer in the fact that leaders are readers. In my entrepreneurial growth, I have received guidance from mentors and professional contacts. Then, of course, my education and learning guided me. However, books remain my primary choice…


Is Hybrid Work Model the Right Approach for Software Development Startups?

During a global lockdown, the world had to experiment and transition quickly to a new work arrangement, forcing many startups to redirect and redefine themselves. Remote working and work from home policies were the outcomes. However, the nature of some…


ATS in Tech Recruitment: Diversify Your Hiring with a Robust ATS

Applicant Tracking System, or ATS in tech recruitment, has changed how HR departments function and recruit new members to the workforce. Hiring fresh talent has always been a challenging task and is perhaps more complex than ever. With thousands of applicants…


Why Smart Developers Are Choosing Startups?

Developers are choosing startups as they radically differ from working in a big enterprise. Things can get quite dynamic in a startup work environment. When the need arises, you might be asked to juggle two or even three different projects…


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