We invest in India’s talent
potential and integrate them
into the world’s best tech

We are on a mission
Code on screen

We are on a mission to make India the talent
capital of the world by tapping into the
untapped talent potential.

First Destination
For IT Outsourcing in the World
$400 Billion +
IT Services Export Industry by 2030
FAANG Workforce is from India
5 Million +
Pool of Existing Software Developers
9 Million +
Aspiring Software Engineers Across the Country

How CodeQuotient is Well-Positioned to Tap India's Untapped Talent for Global Tech Companies

We are redefining the traditional talent development & hiring process for companies by providing them access to untapped, trained talent from lower-tier cities.
Partner with us to build your future talent pool.


We believe talent is everywhere, not just in big cities. Over 90% of talented students outside Tier-1 cities are yet to be discovered. With our Talent Hunt Programs, we go deeper into Tier 2/3 cities and identify talented students having the potential to become top tech professionals.



We don't select students solely based on their past credentials, we focus more on their learning capability, passion and dedication. Students participate in our bootcamps, where we train on problem-solving skills and then evaluate their fitment for our programs.



We prepare students for a successful tech career, not just to get a job. We delve deep into CS fundamentals to build a strong foundation and provide hands-on experience at our in-house development facility, ensuring they are well-prepared for a real-world tech career.



We work as a learning & development partner for companies. We understand their requirements and tech stacks, strategize their long-term hiring needs and provide access to the untapped talent pool.

CodeQuotient Impact That Makes Us Proud

Over the past 9+ years, we've proudly impacted many lives in our journey of meaningful change and growth.


Partner Companies

Aligned with our mission, running talent development programs to build their talent pool.


SuperCoders Deployed

Who have trusted us, developed their skills and are now contributing to global tech companies.


Tech Domains

Supporting our partner companies across the range of technologies - AI/ML, Full Stack, Data Science, Cloud Computing, and more.


Partner Institutes

Across Tier 2/3 cities, which helps us in tapping the talented students from these cities.

From innovative startups to top tech companies,
our SuperCoders are writing the code behind their success

    Why Companies Hire CodeQuotient SuperCoders?

    Companies partner with us to access our SuperCoders pool and strategize their long-term hiring needs, saving on training costs and avoiding productivity issues. We prepare developers by training them on relevant tech-stacks where they code alongside experienced engineers and contribute to real projects before joining.

    Immersive simulated environment to transform students into tech professionals

    Long-Term Success
    We strengthen fundamentals with hands-on skills for lasting success in tech careers through real-world project contributions.
    Real-World Experience
    Students execute live projects in the office environment, with time clocking and project discussions.
    Expert-Guided Growth
    100+ Hrs personal mentorship from seasoned developers, shielding from distractions.
    Refined Skills
    100+ Code Reviews to refine debugging and coding proficiency.

    Plug-and-play your tech stack with our SuperCoders

    Quality Pool
    Top 1% of skilled and trained talent from the untapped geographies of India.
    Production Ready
    600+ Hrs of work logged in on live projects with at least 90% office attendance.
    Retention Rate
    >90%, we connect SuperCoders based on their cultural fitness with companies which results in long-term relationships.
    Save Cost
    INR 5L+ On recruitment, engineering and training per developer.

    Become a SuperCoder

    CodeQuotient is a learning & career platform for serious and dedicated learners.

    For Graduating Students

    CodeQuotient Software
    Engineering Bootcamp

    • Contribute to open-source projects
    • Mandatory 600Hrs of work exposure
    • Stipend for living expenses
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    For 12th Passouts

    CodeQuotient School
    of Technology

    • Graduate with UGC recognised degree
    • Earn real-world experience
    • Tuition fee sponsorship
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