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We’re a team of tech professionals, with over 20+ years of global experience in technology creation & execution. We are on a mission to make India the talent capital of the world.


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CodeQuotient offers companies exclusive access to the top 1% of untapped tech talent hailing from the small towns of India. We specialize in transforming these individuals into world-class software engineers and seamlessly integrate them into companies as full-time, distributed team members. We help innovative start-ups to renowned tech giants access the untapped talent pool across the geographies of India. By doing so, they significantly reduce the time typically spent on interviewing, onboarding, and training new hires.

Partnering with CodeQuotient is not just a solution for immediate tech talent needs but a strategic decision for long-term growth. Our role extends beyond a talent provider; we are a strategic partner for companies looking to innovate and lead in tech domains. We provide immediate hiring solutions to companies with our SuperCoders and collaborate with them to establish their own Talent Development Program, fulfilling their long-term hiring needs.

CodeQuotient is a Learning and Career Platform for aspiring software engineers. We’re working deeply with students to bring out the coding quotient of aspiring programmers. The focus is setting up a strong foundation of technical skills with real-time mentoring, deep analytics and community-based learning with chosen students. Learning is project-based, all projects can be listed on our unique ‘Live Profiles’ that recruiters can execute and see online.

CodeQuotient offers two entry schemes for students - after the 12th and during graduation. After 12th, students can enroll in CodeQuotient School of Technology to graduate with an accredited degree in computer science and industry-relevant skills. During graduation, aspiring software engineers can opt for a three-month Software Engineering Bootcamp where they can sharpen their developer skills by pushing their boundaries. This bootcamp is free for all participants, not just that, the learners are even provided the stipend to help them cover their basic living expenses.

Every individual enrolled in either of the programs is paired with a senior software engineer as a mentor, who offers an additional layer of support during the program to make them job-ready from day one.

Our Advisors & Investors

Advisors are one of the most important factors of success for any company. A right set of advisors can help you take informed and wise decisions. We’re honoured to have these visionaries with us who have always ticked our growth plan with immensely valuable insights of how edtech industry works in and out.

Sameer Guglani

Co-Founder, Supermorpheus

Rakesh Chhabra

Managing Partner at AARC & Co

Ashish Tulsian

Co-Founder & CEO, POSist

Sarvjeet Ahuja

General Partner, Supermorpheus

Akhil Bansal

Co-Founder, Tres Ventures

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