All You Need to Know For Creating a Tech Team From Scratch

Every year, an untold number of businesses are launched worldwide, and the unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of them fail. So why do some companies thrive and grow while the majority fall within a few years? There are…


How Talent Retention Can Lead to Growth and Profit in the Long Run

Retaining top talent is critical to organisational growth. However, establishing a talent retention program is challenging. Furthermore, recruiting and retaining new employees is both costly and time-consuming—turnover hurts employees' productivity and morale. Even though modern companies have developed several retention…


How to Get the Most Bang for the Buck for Your Tech Startup’s Recruiting Strategy

Hiring a candidate is about so much more than meeting just the required skill set. It is thus not the most straightforward task in the world for hiring managers to steer through a successful hiring process and sift out the…


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