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into a top-notch
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Join CodeQuotient Software Engineering Bootcamp. A path-breaking program designed for CS/IT students to make them industry-ready.

Invest your 3 months in sharpening your
software engineering skills by pushing your
boundaries all at zero cost to you whatsoever

This bootcamp can be roughly explained as a 4 step program where you

  • Sharpen your fundamentals of computer science with data structures, algorithms, OOPS, system design.
    Unlock efficient code with data structures and algorithms.
    Build a strong foundation for complex software design.
  • Deep-dive into advanced software engineering concepts through hands-on experiences and real-world application.
    Master complex software solutions through practical projects.
    Apply cutting-edge technologies in simulated environments.
  • Ideate and contribute to open source projects through implementation.
    Collaborate with tech communities and showcase your skills.
    Develop and share impactful, open-source software solutions.
  • Prepare and launch your career in software engineering with top tech companies.
    Ace technical interviews and land your dream job with top IT companies.
    Begin a rewarding career in a field that makes a difference.

What Sets CodeQuotient Software Engineering Bootcamp Apart?

Not a training program, it’s a work experience

  • Real World Problem Solving

    Achieve long-term career success as a software engineer. Unlike anywhere else, we don’t just focus on your interview preparation. Through hands-on involvement in remarkable open source projects, we unlock your true potential. This approach consistently produces software engineers ready for a lasting and impactful career.

  • By Software Engineers, For Aspiring Software Engineers

    Every individual is paired with a working software engineer as a mentor, who offers an additional layer of support during the program. Majority of our mentors are affiliated with industry-leading companies who draw on their own personal experiences to guide you on your coding journey.

  • Stipend for living expenses

    This bootcamp is free for all participants, so there’s no financial dent on your pocket. Not just that, we’ll even pay a stipend to help you cover the basic living expenses while you indulge at our premises in experiencing the corporate world, first hand, getting ready for your big break.

Only for those who are sincere and dedicated.

This is not a typical “bootcamp” or a “training” program. Our objective is to help you compete for top software engineering jobs. We collaborate directly with companies that trust us to bridge the talent gap. Therefore, we expect you to share this goal and meet the following criteria.

  • Admission
    You must be ready to go through a series of assessments across a variety of parameters including (but not limited to) aptitude, logical thinking and coding. If you get through, this will be followed by an interview (or interviews, in some cases).
  • Time commitment
    A minimum of 3 months, full time, Monday through Saturday is an absolute must in order to get something out of this experience. Our mentors work hard to make this a success, so must you too.
  • Location Requirements
    The program is offered exclusively at our centre in Chandigarh. So you must be available full time for the duration of the program at the location. This is to ensure you get substantial exposure to a real life workplace. Don’t worry, you’ll get to experience the remote working environment as well.
  • Performance Requirements
    There are a variety of projects that you get to work on during your tenure with this bootcamp. At every step, you will be provided feedback on your areas of strengths and improvements. You must be willing to go through this process and make changes wherever necessary to improve yourself. This will be in line to what you will experience at your workplace enabling you to prepare for what’s in store for you in the long run.

From innovative startups to top tech companies,
our SuperCoders are writing the code behind their success

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      In 3 months, master the skills you need to make a successful career in software engineering

      STAGE 1
      STAGE 2


      We will dive deep into the fundamentals of computer science & software engineering going with our vision of setting a base for your long-term programming career

      Kickstart your coding career with paid internship and project-based learning
      STAGE 3


      Candidates will do a specialisation in front end/back end development or the tech stack of our hiring partners. The projects they build will create an amazing portfolio that showcases their skills and expertise.

      Kickstart your coding career with paid internship and project-based learning
      Kickstart your coding career with paid internship and project-based learning

      Become a


      Paid Interships
      and Jobs at top hiring partners


      Not a training program, it’s a work experience

      Kickstart your coding career with paid internship and project-based learning

      FOR ALL

      SuperCoders is free for all participants, instead we pay a stipend to help you cover the basic living expenses while you focus on the program.

      Kickstart your coding career with paid internship and project-based learning

      Makes you a Real world problem solver

      Anyone can teach how to crack the interview, but we work on making sure you have a successful career as a developer. You will be working on amazing set of problems to get the best out of yourself, that attitude will stay longer with you!

      Kickstart your coding career with paid internship and project-based learning

      Work directly with Industry Professionals

      Our mentors have worked at the top tech companies in the world in their past and are willing to share their vast experience with you. All your problems will be solved real-time with access to all mentors 24x7.

      Kickstart your coding career with paid internship and project-based learning

      Assured Internships & Job Placements.

      Our program is job-oriented and we will guide you throughout the process, right from building an attractive work portfolio to connecting you to the recruiters and ensuring you get placed in a good company.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      1. How is this Program available to all?

      SuperCoders is an internship program for anyone who wants to pursue a career in software development, regardless of their degree or educational background. The only criteria used to select candidates is strong problem-solving skills. Only the top 1% of applicants are selected, and SuperCoders Program is a rigorous training and support to ensure success in the software engineering industry. While SuperCoders profits by placing interns in good companies without charging anything to the candidate at any stage of their career lifecycle, their primary goal is to provide high-quality training to aspiring developers and make the program accessible and inclusive to all.

      SuperCoders is a program that values passion, talent, and hard work over a particular degree or educational background. The program is open to candidates from a wide range of degree programs, including B.E/B.Tech, BCA, MCA, MSc., BSc., B.Com, or any other. The company has seen success stories from all programs, and some 3-year degree program graduates have landed dream jobs with starting packages of 9 LPA. SuperCoders offers a democratic program that rewards talent across degrees and geographies, and the company values diversity and inclusivity. The program provides a supportive and collaborative learning environment where interns can grow their skills, build their network, and launch their careers in software engineering.

      SuperCoders program is designed to provide a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience for aspiring software engineers. During Stage 1, we establish a strong foundation in computer science and web development fundamentals. In Stage 2, our interns work on live projects under the mentorship of our experienced tech team, showcasing their skills and creativity. In Stage 3, interns specialize in a particular area of interest and work on a live project that aligns with their strengths and our client's requirements. By the end of the program, our interns have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as a clear sense of their strengths and interests as developers.

      Selection into the SuperCoders internship program puts you among the top 1% of applicants and demonstrates your potential as a software engineer. However, to truly excel in the program, completing assignments and projects on time and to a high standard is required. The program is designed to be challenging but rewarding, offering opportunities to develop skills, work on real-world projects, and launch a career as a software engineer. Hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn and grow are necessary for success. We believe in you, and we're excited to see what you can achieve as a "SuperCoder".

      Our SuperCoders are good in CS fundamentals and Full Stack Web development. They gain valuable experience in developing original apps from scratch and working hands-on in a live project environment during our training program. They work closely with our in-house tech team, from development to deployment, which is a feature that companies love about our graduates. Thanks to the training, our SuperCoders are fully equipped to hit the ground running from day one of their employment.

      SuperCoders is dedicated to helping its SuperCoders launch successful careers as software engineers by placing them in product-based tech companies. These companies offer higher salaries and more opportunities for career growth. By partnering with industry leaders, we identify companies that are the best match for our interns' skills and provide support throughout the placement process. SuperCoders believes in the potential of every SuperCoder and is committed to providing the necessary resources and support for success in the tech industry.

      Yes, you can check the link below for more details: