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Future of codingRead Article

What I Tell New Grads About the Future of Coding in the Era of AI

In 2024, artificial intelligence will become not just an assistant but a catalyst for innovation. And with that, the question…

Strategy vs executionRead Article

Strategy vs Execution: Finding the Right Balance

"Strategy without execution is like a sports car with no fuel; it may look good, but it won't go anywhere." …

fluency in englishRead Article

Why Your Fluency in English Shouldn’t Define Your Career Potential

In the wise words of Nelson Mandela, "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes…

Debunking myths about software engineeringRead Article

Debunking Myths About Software Engineering Careers

As the saying goes, 'Not everything that glitters is gold'? It holds true when it comes to the myths surrounding…

PromotionRead Article

You Want a Promotion, But Are You Ready?

Eager for the title but reluctant for the toil — that's a common scenario I've encountered in the tech industry.…

Thoughts about moving abroadRead Article

My Thoughts on Moving Abroad as a New Grad

The excitement of moving abroad as a fresh graduate often stems from the enticing shortcut to overnight success. However, let…

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Unpaid InternshipRead Article

Are Unpaid Internships Fair, Necessary, Or Just Exploitative?

An old saying goes, 'Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first and the lesson afterward.' Any…

CQSTRead Article

Unlocking Every Student’s Potential: CQST’s Mission to Help Learners Succeed

The traditional education system often falls short in preparing students for the up-to-date and fast-paced demands of the technology industry.…

CodeQuotient is rethinking educationRead Article

Learning That Breaks the Mould: How CodeQuotient is Rethinking Education

New programming languages, frameworks, and platforms now emerge every few months as the world is changing at a rapid pace,…

BCA after 12th commerceRead Article

Is BCA after 12th Commerce a Good Option? Pros, Cons and Jobs

Technology's expansion into every industry has opened up exciting avenues for students to leverage interdisciplinary skill sets spanning technical capacities…

BCA colleges in PanipatRead Article

How to Choose Suitable BCA Colleges in Panipat

If you have just completed 12th grade and decided to pursue BCA as your undergraduate course, then you should choose…

BCA colleges in HaryanaRead Article

7 Things to Know Before Shortlisting BCA Colleges in Haryana

Choosing the right college is among the most important decisions for students pursuing a Bachelor's in Computer Application (BCA) degree.…

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