The Role of Soft Skills in Software Engineering Careers: CQ-SEP’s Focus on Holistic Education

Software engineering is a rapidly growing field, with technology advancing at an unprecedented pace. The technical skills required to become a software engineer are ever-changing and demanding, but the importance of soft skills is often overlooked. Soft skills combine interpersonal,…


Navigating the CQ-SEP Entrance Process: From Application to Acceptance

Are you a recent high school graduate considering a career in software engineering? You also must be looking for a program that offers a degree and provides you with in-demand coding skills and paid internships. If you are, then CodeQuotient's…

An overview of CQ SEP

Perfect Learning Opportunities: An Overview of CQ SEP Curriculum 

The CQ SEP Curriculum is integral to the innovative program designed by CodeQuotient, the learning and career launchpad. The program’s main goal is to equip learners with the in-demand coding skills necessary to succeed in the tech industry while they…

Earn While You Learn

Earn While You Learn: Why Choose Industry Integrated Courses After 12th? 

As students complete 12th grade, they are at a crossroads in choosing their career paths. While some opt for traditional courses, others choose Industry Integrated Courses. These courses provide students with skill-based learning after 12th while allowing them to earn…


Important Capgemini Interview Questions to Help You Ace It

Capgemini is one of the world's top business consulting and IT services at the forefront of innovation. It needs an intelligent workforce committed to turning its ideas into reality. Many consider answering Capegemini’s interview board’s questions in business and technical…


All About Java Internships and 5 Excellent Career Options You Can Explore

If you are someone looking for a Java internship, you probably know that Java is among the most widely-used object-oriented programming languages. Developers across the globe use it to build various applications and websites. What’s more, currently, over 1 billion…


NIMCET Preparation Guide to Ace the Prestigious MCA Test

Getting into a good college is a dream for any MCA aspirant in India. But that requires acing the prestigious National Institute of Technology MCA Common Entrance Test (NIMCET) for placement in some of the best colleges of the Indian…


5 Commonly Asked Non-programming Interview Questions

As the interview round is approaching, it is normal to swing in between high spirits and anxiety. However, with a sound strategy, proper preparation, and background knowledge regarding the interviewer's expectations, you can ace the round. We have put together…


How Can CodeQuotient Academy Help You to Get a Job in Product-Based Companies?

Product-based companies face a lot of challenges that service-based companies do not. However, it works the other way, with specific challenges for service-based companies. Different challenges also mean different recruitment processes. For example, product-based companies typically look for creatives, someone…


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