CodeQuotient is rethinking education

New programming languages, frameworks, and platforms now emerge every few months as the world is changing at a rapid pace, especially in the technology sector.

However, our educational institutions struggle to keep up with these advancements. Most courses continue to focus on teaching theoretical concepts rather than equipping students with industry-relevant skills. This has created a massive gap between academic knowledge and practical requirements in the job market.

We at CodeQuotient School of Technology present a refreshing new approach to address this challenge. We aim to transform India into a global hub for software engineering talent by designing our program to break the status quo of engineering education.

Read on to understand why our innovative learning methodology is redefining the domain.

The Need for a New Educational Model

The dynamic nature of the technology industry demands that professionals continuously learn new skills to stay relevant. However, the theoretical focus in most Indian colleges means that graduates lack the hands-on abilities to contribute from day one in tech jobs. Later on, companies invest additional time and resources to train these new hires.

CodeQuotient recognises this inefficiency as a systemic gap that needs fixing at the academic level. We created curriculums that align with the latest and future needs of the job market. This ensures students graduate with proficiency in demanded skills like full-stack development, DevOps, cloud computing, and data analytics.

CodeQuotient’s Mission and Vision

We aim to transform India into the global capital for high-quality and industry-ready software engineering talent. It aims to achieve this goal through its disruptive education model focused on:

  • Collaborative training by academic and industry experts
  • Developing software to professional standards
  • Working on real-world industry projects
  • Earning professional work experience with internships
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Moreover, our vision is to drive innovation in technology education, allowing youth to access this lucrative career option. Students from all walks of life can skill themselves into industry-ready software professionals in just 3 years.

Innovative Learning Methodology at CodeQuotient: Program Highlights and Structure

CodeQuotient program

CodeQuotient deploys an innovative industry-aligned learning methodology to deliver on its promise to students.

Our Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) + UG Program In Software Engineering at CodeQuotient awards a UGC-Recognised BCA Degree and the Software Engineering program certificate. Additionally, this  3-year program blends academic rigour with intensive practical training through the following components:

1. Developer Skills Training

Students undergo 12 months of foundational training to gain extensive programming abilities. The curriculum covers languages like Java, Python, JavaScript and foundational computer science concepts. Students also build portfolio projects to demonstrate concepts learnt.

2. Software Labs

They also enter CodeQuotient Software Labs for a 12-month intensive specialised training. The project-based learning and development of production-grade software gives students a significant edge. Guidance from industry experts ensures alignment with in-demand skills.

3. Live Client Projects 

Instead of theoretical project work, students handle projects for real clients. This exposes them to code testing, team collaboration, client management and software deployment – all critical career skills.

4. Open-Source Contribution 

They actively engage with and contribute to open-source platforms. This allows them to interact with the global developer community while strengthening their skills.

Industry Engagement and Real-world Experience

A huge differentiator for CodeQuotient lies in taking students beyond the classroom. Strategic partnerships with over 150+ top technology companies give students access to guest lectures, mentorship programs and up to 1.5 years of internships.

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Through these invaluable interactions with industry veterans, students gain practical insights into succeeding in the dynamic technology landscape. The extended onsite internships also allow students to deploy their learning in actual software engineering roles during the degree itself.

Students thus build professional networks and accumulate over a year of work experience even before graduating. This early career exposure gives them the ultimate edge in the job market.

Fee Sponsorships: Making Education Accessible

We further enable meritorious students from different backgrounds to access this high-quality education. Through our hiring partners, we provide fee sponsorships to deserving candidates.

These sponsorships aim to make the program more inclusive and accessible for talented students, irrespective of financial ability.

Get a Head Start on Becoming an Industry-ready Software Engineer!

CodeQuotient School of Technology delivers a much-needed revamp of conventional engineering education in India. Our innovative and collaborative educational model offers the most relevant foundation for students who aspire to excel in software engineering roles.

Backed by industry partners and a forward-thinking curriculum, graduating from CodeQuotient provides unmatched advantages.

Applying for CodeQuotient’s BCA + UGPSE is an unparalleled opportunity for aspirants keen to break into this space.

Get in touch with the team now to know more and secure your seat!

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