B.Tech vs HCL TechBee Programme: Is One Better Than the Other?

If you are a class 12 student aspiring to build your career in tech, getting a computer science degree is not your only option. Currently, there are many job-oriented computer courses offered by top MNCs. HCL TechBee is one such…


Inner Peace & Outer Chaos – Finding the Balance in Business With Kunal Nandwani, Co-founder & CEO of uTrade Solutions

During our career, there are times when we feel that things aren’t going our way, and we might fail to achieve our goals. This feeling is common to everyone, and Kunal Nandwani felt the same while working on his startup.…


Role of Universities and Technology in Building Learner Capabilities: Conversation With Mr. Sachin Jain

In this era of fast-paced developments, changes happen across industries in the blink of an eye. Millions of job aspirants find their skill sets inadequate or outdated even before they enter the formal workforce. What can institutions and universities do…


Which Is the Best Tech Stack to Choose for Your Startup in 2022?

Gone are the days when setting up the digital side of a business was as simple as establishing a client-server structure. Startups today need to be agile, dynamic, and ever-evolving to stay relevant in the market. To achieve this, they…


Key Lessons Every Budding Tech Founder Should Learn

A tech founder can face countless challenges throughout their journey to develop a successful company. It can be either to create a trustworthy and optimal team or to find the right opportunity at the right time. Hence, the ability to…


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