During our career, there are times when we feel that things aren’t going our way, and we might fail to achieve our goals. This feeling is common to everyone, and Kunal Nandwani felt the same while working on his startup.

How did he overcome his fears and succeed in creating one of the world’s best fintech applications?

Success Has Only One Mantra – Perseverance, Kunal Nandwani, Co-Founder & CEO of uTrade Solutions

In this episode of Fixing the Bug, Shivangi talks to the co-founder of uTrade Solutions, Kunal Nandwani, about his journey and the lessons he has to offer future entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

This episode covers:

  1. A brief about Kunal’s entrepreneurship journey
  2. Some valuable tips for budding entrepreneurs and coders
  3. What hiring managers look for in candidates

“Willingness to fail will give you the strength to succeed.”


In the conversation, Kunal says that internal motivation keeps you going through the toughest times. If you believe in your work, things will start to work out.

He says, “I think looking inside, finding your true motivation, why you’re doing it, you’re doing it for the learning, you’re passionate about solving a problem, and you want to do it because you believe in it.”

If you’re a graduate looking for a job in the coding industry and are afraid of the fierce competition, or if you want to work on your startup but are unsure of the outcome, then the only thing that will keep you going is your internal motivation and perseverance.

Peer discussions and creating something on your own give better learning opportunities

Nowadays, everything is available on the internet. Still, when it comes to understanding the subject to the core, the internet is not where you’ll find real-life experiences and conversations that will give you more insight into the subject.

Kunal says, “The real magic, innovation, creativity, original thinking, happens outside of the internet; it is not on the internet. Real learning happens when you talk to people and build something from the core and learn along the way.”

He emphasizes that you can learn more about a subject if you experiment and create something independently. You might make mistakes, but that will only help you to understand your shortcomings, from which you can work to succeed.

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How to deal with hard days?

On days when the odds do not work in your favor, you keep working hard but do not see any results. Kunal advises talking to your close ones, family members, mentors, and friends on those days, as they can help you through the hard days. During his early startup days, when Kunal faced tough times, he used to talk to his team members, partners, and family, who helped him overcome the sadness, and he got ready to work again towards his goal.

He also advises that when you face a failure, accept it, learn from it, and move on, as this process will help you grow and succeed. Let some bad days come and go. All you can do is learn from them and move on.

What hiring managers look for in candidates

In the conversation, Kunal also shared some factors that hiring managers usually want from their future employees.

He says, “There are two factors that we usually look into the candidates, Attitude and Aptitude.”

He further says that a candidate should have the aptitude or the required skills to solve the problem and the willingness or the attitude to find a solution to a given problem.

This is what most hiring managers look for in their future employees. You can learn many skills, but you should have the right attitude to implement them in real life and find solutions.

Final Thoughts

In the podcast, Kunal shares his philosophy of success that works everywhere, from a job to a business. So, whether you’re planning to start a job or your own business, you’ll need perseverance and motivation to succeed.

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