In the modern world, salary is often seen as a benchmark of success. From a strictly materialistic perspective, it makes sense to see money as the goal. However, it is indeed counterproductive for your eventual financial success to chase higher salaries in the short run. Especially if you are a software developer, salary should not be the dictating force.

5 Reasons Why Salary Shouldn’t Be The First Concern for Software Developers


Today, we will talk about five reasons why salary should not be the only concern for software developers. These points will cover why it is not the right approach from both well-being and financial perspective.

1. Software Developer Salary Will Change Drastically in the Future

We are at a historical juncture where the world is making a complete transition to the digital era from the industrial era. It is an $8370.95 billion market and is the leading sector in global markets (Business Research Company).

At this point, no one can predict what the future of tech would look like in the next, say, 10-years. The crypto industry, for instance,  was non-existent less than 15 years ago. Today software developers are quitting their jobs in the Big Four tech companies to join crypto startups!

It is one of the many examples that show how settling for fields that offered high salaries a decade ago can become irrelevant now.

Therefore, don’t let salary push you into a restrictive domain when looking for a new job.

Software developers can earn a lot, and the prospects are only increasing. Even if a lower-paying job offers you the scope to grow in the future, you should choose it over a short-term higher-paying job.

2. Do Not Neglect Personal Well-being

The greatest tragedy in life is to live it earning money but never getting a chance to spend it, and live a fulfilling life. Even when your goal is to earn as much as you can, don’t neglect your well-being for it. Without contentment and peace, you would never live a delighted life.

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There are three broad components to personal well-being. We can broadly classify them as physical health, mental health, and personal relationships.

Unfortunately, the stress and dump of a software developer’s job can often neglect these three key areas. That is perhaps the most crucial reason you should choose a job that gives you the mental space to take care of your mind, body, and loved ones.

Job satisfaction should always be a top concern for anyone looking for a new job and is the same for software devs. Remember, it is job satisfaction that makes the money you earn worthwhile. If you find yourself stuck at an office where you do not relate to the culture and ethics, you would eventually lose passion for what you do the best.

There are counters to this agreement: sayings like It’s better to be sad and depressed in your Lamborghini. However, as a software developer, you can afford not to be depressed and still drive a Lamborghini.

It would be foolish to let this tremendous opportunity fly by only to chase short-term money.

3. Foster Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Software developers who focus only on better-paying jobs miss out on their true potential. Today, being an IT developer gives you the freedom to work on your dream projects and earn huge numbers from them.

Perhaps the most significant opportunity here is to work for yourself and not anyone else. Therefore, all software developers should foster their creative and entrepreneurial mindset.

Many high-paying jobs in software development do not leave any mental space for a more significant project. Never go for such jobs only because they can make you a millionaire. You would be potentially ruining your chances of being a billionaire instead. 

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4. Focus on Jobs that Will Help you Create Networks

Professional success is largely dependent on networks. Sometimes, what you know matters less than whom you know. For software developers, creating a strong network is not possible if all you chase is the bigger paychecks.

A good job does not only pay well but also makes you cross paths with interesting people. If you have strong interpersonal skills, these people can help you take your career to the next level.

When you have a solid network of successful and creative people, new avenues will open up for your financial success and work satisfaction.

In 2016, a survey found that 70% of working professionals claimed they were hired in a company with a prior connection.

Interestingly, the same survey mentions that half of those surveyed found it difficult to maintain connections with their professional network. Lack of time is the most prominent reason behind this.

Instead of making the paycheck the only benchmark, consider whether your next job will help you build networks. Here again, you have to consider the short-term vs long-term game.

A job with excellent networking prospects will help you land a high-paying job five years from now. Play the long-term game for genuine success and happiness.

5. Do Not Sacrifice Your Credibility For a Big Paycheck

Credibility is the backbone of your professional and personal success. As a software developer, your skills have tremendous capabilities. Unfortunately, you will come across job offers that pay a considerable amount but undermine your credibility as a developer in your professional life.

Going after money in these cases will be a huge mistake for your career. No doubt, it will make you rich in the short term but will prevent you from accessing better opportunities in the future. Furthermore, many jobs will become unavailable if you do not have a clean background.

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Try to work for companies and organisations with credibility in the tech world and good work ethics, even if they pay comparatively less. It will help you build better networks, find more promising opportunities, and get excellent professional and personal guidance. A bigger paycheck will only add to your bank account for a given duration; necessarily not into your accountability as a pro.

By now, we hope you have an idea about the point we are trying to make. Software development is a booming field and where software developer salary would be in the next few decades is beyond our imagination. It makes no sense to let money dictate your fate in a journey with so much promise.

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