You have an idea for a tech start-up but can’t seem to find the right technical cofounder to pair up with. Well, let me tell you, we’ve all been there. You may have already tried manning all stations, only to realise it doesn’t work. Launching a start-up can be hard on many fronts – physically, mentally, financially and maybe even socially.

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Why do you need a Co-Founder?

No matter how many skills you pick up, it is near impossible to manage every little detail on your own. More than one head at the helm leads to a deeper wealth of ideas and viewpoints and can add volumes to your skill-set and diversity as an organisation. Not to mention, it eases the burden of management. However, finding the right match can be a challenge. People may not have the same levels of investment in your idea or if they do, they may lack the expertise required to execute the tasks with precision. Moreover, one of the less observed side-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the dwindling of social circles and lack of networking opportunities. Fortunately, we have just the solution for you.

Since the start-up era began to gain traction, several websites simultaneously cropped up allowing people to connect with like-minded folks. ‘CoFounder Dating’ has become a new and upcoming phenomenon wherein some websites follow a model similar to dating apps to connect you with the right match. However, if that is not your cup of tea, there are other options like discussion boards and events to get you started.

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Have a look at the list below to gain insight into some simple ways through which you can find a technical cofounder for your tech startup.

1. CoFoundersLab 

CoFoundersLab is by far the most popular website to find a technical cofounder. The neat and clean, user-friendly interface allows users to find what they need, conveniently. With CoFoundersLab, you can get access to a plethora of useful resources for your startup including CoFounder matching. Additionally, you can seek professional advice from certified advisors in the relevant field and also participate in weekly webinars and discussion boards.

CoFoundersLab also provides information about investors and VC Firms in their detailed database. If you want to expand your learning and knowledge about the world of startups, you can also enrol in online courses and engage in various learning opportunities through the CFL Academy.

2. Y-Combinator’s Startup School 

Y-Combinator is a seed funding organisation that also runs a free online school for startup founders- rather obviously, called ‘Startup School’. Nevertheless, under their Startup School programme, they offer CoFounder Matching services based on one’s background, skill set, and interests. Once you create a profile detailing your own information, the database shows you other profiles that would perhaps be a good fit for you. If you find a profile that you think works well for you, you can send a private message and take it from there. Seems easy enough!

3. StartHawk.io 

Starthawk.io, with its sleek interface, probably comes closest to being like a dating app for cofounders. When you create your profile, you also indicate what you are looking for – whether you already have an idea and are looking for a team, or whether you want to partner with someone who has an existing idea, or even both! Starthawk.io also has a discussion forum called “The Nest” where you can engage with like-minded individuals and network. Additionally, they have a blog where you can find relevant articles related to the world of start-ups.

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4. YouNoodle 

YouNoodle Compete describes itself as an operation management company. With a firm set of values centred around the belief that start-ups are the future of the economy, their work helps startup owners find their footing and subsequently take their ideas to new heights. Their approach is a little different in that they use competitions and contests to connect people. Participants compete for investments by the investors who are following the competitions. Access to the basic features of YouNoodle is free however if you want to level up, then they have a Premium as well as an Advanced paid programme.

5. TechStars Startup Weekend

Techstars, an operational investment company, runs a series of Startup Weekends which are organised across the world in different cities and even online. These weekends are three-day events where aspiring entrepreneurs can experience a slice of start-up life and are great ways to connect with like-minded individuals. During these weekends, you not only interact with other driven people who may go on to be colleagues or friends but you are also exposed to learning experiences led by accomplished professionals in the field.

If you want to sharpen a specific skill set, Startup Weekend gives you a great opportunity, that too with your peers. A neat calendar on their website can tell you if there are any upcoming Startup Weekends in your area.

These are some of the options available online dedicated to helping you find the perfect technical cofounder for your business. There are other platforms as well, such as the ‘CoFounder’ subreddit on Reddit and even the good old LinkedIn. We encourage you to keep your search going until you find the perfect match. There is ample data to prove that having a co-founder directly correlates with a higher rate of success in start-ups so, stop tarrying and start matching!

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