Are you a college student who’s graduating soon and worried about placements? Don’t worry! With the right preparation and guidance, you can easily ace your placements and ensure you get the job of your dreams. This article will explore how to start preparing for placements from your early graduation days. We will discuss the importance of building a strong resume, brushing up on your technical skills, and networking with industry experts. So, let’s get preparing for placements!

With so many recent graduates on the job hunt, you need to work a little extra hard right from your early graduation days to impress your future employers during placements. One should think ahead and prepare the groundwork for one’s career while studying.

Here are some tips to help you begin your preparations while still at the university.

How to Boost Your Employability while Still at University


You can do so many things while still at the university to land that dream job during placements. Here are some tips to get you started.

#1. Upgrade Yourself to the Latest and Best Version of YOU

Keep yourself abreast of the latest technology, national and international news and other events. Hone your aptitude and interview skills as well as group discussion skills. In your free time, try learning a new skill that is useful and looks great on your CV. Ensure that the new skill is relevant in today’s workplace. For instance, you can enrol in coding classes like the SuperCoders program of CodeQuotient, learn to design a website, learn Photoshop, and so on.

#2. Work on Technical Projects

Interviewers are interested in the projects that you undertake outside your college. So get to work on few technical projects outside the college, as this will help you showcase your creativity and skill set and show how resourceful you are. Try to undertake at least one or two technical projects like developing a website, building an android app, and so on.

For instance, CodeQuotient’s LIVE 3-month online program on full-stack development helps you master software engineering by building projects and showcasing your skills during placements. Plus, they also connect you with their hiring partners to help you land your dream job.

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#3. Undertake a Reality Check in Terms of Aptitude skills

Try to do a reality check on your interview skills. A reality check will help you gauge where you stand in terms of general aptitude when preparing for placements. You can estimate your strengths and weaknesses and focus on developing your weaker skills, for instance, communication or analytical reasoning. At the same time,  don’t forget to keep improving your stronger areas.

Aptitude tests are often underestimated in placement, so you should start preparing for placements. But they are essential for tests and interviews. So start preparing early to develop your vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension.

Also, develop your logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude skills. This can be done by solving CAT question papers, reading newspapers, etc.  Also, you can attend mock interviews to enhance your skills better.

#4. Try to Participate in Various Coding Competitions


Coding competitions are excellent ways to showcase your skills. Plus, they also boost your CV significantly, especially if you have won a prize in any coding competitions or got a good score. So try to prepare well for coding contests so that you can get an excellent score to showcase on your CV. For instance, CodeQuotient paid internship program for various coding contests. Enrol in such programs to enhance your chances of winning various coding competitions.

#5. Work on Building your CV

It is never too early to start boosting a CV. In this competitive world, stellar grades alone will not suffice for you to land a great job. One must put in extra effort to make sure one stand out amongst the crowd. So start building your resume right from your graduation days. Your resume should be impactful, and you should present yourself in a practical yet ethical way. Your CV should be a good representation of who you are and all the skills you have got and the things you have done or achieved. So if you want a good placement in a top-notch IT company, then work on the coding and technical skills you need to build an effective resume right from your early graduation days so that you have a strong CV.

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Also, ensure that all your projects are visible to your prospective employer to enhance your chances of getting that dream job. CodeQuotient has a unique “LIVE PROFILES” section where all the projects undertaken by their students are listed and which recruiters can check out online.

#6. Develop your Online Profile

Make yourself visible online by being active on social media platforms. Social media is gaining prominence daily, and being active on social media is considered a big plus point by employers. Link your presence across various platforms to your CV so employers can know about your interests and social media profile.

Another exciting way to boost your CV is to have a personal blog. The tech job market is intense, and competition for top companies is pretty high. Hiring personnel are looking for candidates who stand out from the masses. Having a blog can make all the difference. It can take your professional credits to the next level. Employers always want proof that the expertise you boast about is true. Your blog can give them something concrete for them to look at.

For instance, if you write some suggestions on a trending topic in your field, the chances are that it can be liked and shared on social media or mentioned in other articles online. This exposure can attract hiring managers. Tech companies are always on the lookout for fresh and promising talent and early start to preparing for placements is good idea.

Netflix, for instance, gives an important role to LinkedIn profiles, while Google depends on structural and behavioural interviews. The interviewer may ask how you solved an analytically difficult problem and see how you reacted to a real-world situation. Blogs showcase your reaction to real-world problem-solving skills, your commitment to a project, and your communication skills.

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#7. Start Networking and Build Team Skills


While building your online profile on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are great. Meeting people in person gives you the best chance to create a lasting impression and be remembered and recommended. Working in group projects with others will help you develop your network with people from various backgrounds, enrich your knowledge, and provide industry contacts.

Start preparing for placements from your early graduation days is a great way to ensure you are well-prepared and ready to take on the challenges that come with the process. It is important to remember to stay organized, create a plan, and practice, practice, practice. Placement season can be daunting, but with the right preparation, you can make the process much easier. Do you feel ready to take on the placement process?

CodeQuotient also ensures that all students who complete the SuperCoders Program get placed in good companies.

Last but not least, study well and score well in your exams because most employers will look for a good score on your mark sheet as the primary benchmark. There is no point in preparing well for placements if you perform poorly in your exams. So study well and prepare well for the interviews.

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