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The prestigious NIT organises the NIMCET 2024 exam for admission to their coveted MCA program, available in 11 NITs pan India. The entrance exam is highly competitive, considering that there are approximately only 805 seats available with admit cards. Cracking NIMCET 2023 is a dream for many aspirants looking to become after post-graduation. Skilled IT professionals

Whether you are a graduate or already a professional looking to hone your skills for career advancement, you need to plan your preparation strategically to get the desired NIMCET results. Planning focused dedication, and patience can help you ace the entrance exam.

The first step is to remain calm and approach the NIMCET 2024 positively. The next step is to check out the category-wise syllabus and the exam pattern. Take stock of one’s position and then focus on cracking it.

NIMCET 2024: Category-Wise Weightage of Subjects

The exam has a total of 120 marks, of which Mathematics is the most significant, with a 50-mark weightage for eligibility criteria, followed by 40 for Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning. Then, General English and Computer Awareness are weighted at 20 and 10, respectively.

Suppose two or more candidates secure the same. In that case, it will be resolved based on weighted marks in Mathematics, then on weighted marks in Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning, and then on weighted marks in Computer Awareness. NIMCET 2024 score

Pro Tip: Successful candidates of previous years highly recommend making maths your strength as it carries maximum marks. Start by solving the easy questions to gain confidence, and then move to the difficult ones. Aim to solve a minimum of 100 questions per day.

Exam Pattern of NIMCET 2024

Eligible candidates must go through the exam pattern for NIMCET 2024 to better approach the preparation strategically.

  • The exam, which was conducted only online, consisted of multiple-choice questions.
  • The question paper, having 120 questions, is divided into four sections.
  • The examination, which is held in English, lasts two hours.
  • Each correct answer secures you four marks.
  • Each wrong answer means a loss of one mark.
  • No marks will be allocated for unattempted questions.
  • A question with more than one answer will be marked as invalid.
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6 Last-minute Preparation Tips for NIMCET 2024

Here are the last-minute tips that can accelerate eligible candidates’ preparation and help them ace the exam with flying colours.


1. Prepare a Customised Timetable

  • It would be best to prepare your timetable to cover a last-minute study of all the examination topics and subjects. A proper schedule will help you revise each topic completely.
  • You should arrange the topics so that the study schedule does not become monotonous. This reduces the chances of going off track.
  • Study with deep interest; otherwise, it will be superficial and useless.
  • You must factor in sufficient breaks during the study to keep yourself energized and motivated. Taking adequate breaks can increase your vigour and concentration. They may also give you a new perspective on your stuck topics.

2. Revise Sections That You Have Mastered First

  • It’s best to avoid venturing into the unknown during last-minute practice NIMCET 2024 preparation for the eligibility criterion. Do not attempt a new topic a few days before the examination. Instead, revise and make the most of what you have prepared.
  • Before the exam, focus on revising the subjects’ topics in which you are confident. Revision is the key to success.
  • You must make the best use of the limited time available. Invest your time in revising theories, formulas, and important topics.
  • Solve questions in your strength areas. Never leave a question midway. Practice each question as a whole by analyzing, attempting, and only then checking the solution.
  • Prepare everything by writing. Oral prep is not as effective.

3. Solve Mock Tests

  • Practice makes one perfect. Take as many mock tests as possible as soon as you complete your syllabus. It’s best to take a minimum of 1 to 3 tests every week before the actual exam. Analyze the mock test you have taken. This will help you understand your weak points and work on them so that mistakes do not happen in the real examination.
  • NIT releases its official mock test for NIMCET but does not rely solely on it. Try taking the mock test from other sources. You can also join a good test series offered online or offline.
  • Try to complete as many questions as you can without looking at the clock. Then, gradually begin timing yourself while solving each question. Doing this exercise helps build speed and accuracy and eliminates the surprise elements that often appear on exams.
  • Do not just read the question and start solving it. Rather, attempt it with a conceptual approach by getting to the bottom of what it is asking for.
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4. Previous Year Questions

  • NIMCET, a national-level exam, is highly competitive. For this very reason, it is best to solve the previous year’s question papers as a preparation strategy.
  • Regular practice with these papers will help you assess your weak and strong points. It will also increase your awareness of the exam pattern and the structure of the questions.
  • Diligent practice will help you calculate the time required to complete the paper and make you better at time management.
  • Solving question papers will help you gauge the trend of repeated questions.
  • Solving questions will generate a feeling of self-confidence. However, never check the solutions before attempting the questions. Attempt at least three times before taking a look at the solution.
  • Every year, the NIMCET paper has at least 10 to 15 questions repeated and asked in previous practice Mains and AIEEE. So, get a JEE Mains Last Year’s Question Papers book and practice.

5. Planning and Appearing For the Exam

  • If you have not prepared a plan for approaching the exams, you may feel overwhelmed by the pressure.
  • Your preparation plan should include which section to attempt first, whether the one with more weightage or the questions about strength areas.
  • You must solve the practice papers and mock tests and build upon your core strength.
  • Do not panic if you get stuck on some topics. Leave it for some time and come back to it later.
  • Remember to have confidence in your potential. Do not emphasize the less covered topics.
  • Make a formula book. Take a notebook and write all the formulae you come across in your preparation. Revise the formulae periodically, say every weekend.
  • Do not deviate from the time allocated for each subject.
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6. Consider a Crash Course before NIMCET 2024

  • One of the best ways to ensure that you will crack NIMCET 2024 is to join a crash course that focuses on refining your programming and analytical skills.
  • The crash course should also help you work on live projects and have mentors who have earlier cracked various competitive programming contests and exams.

Craft your career and get a step closer to your dream job!

With NIMCET 2024 approaching, aspirants are working hard to prepare effectively. To succeed, one needs planning, strategy, and perseverance. Don’t be burdened by others’ expectations or competition. You are well-prepared and will do well.

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