The job market in India has undergone a significant transformation over the years, with the advent of new technologies and the changing demands of businesses. In the past, a computer degree was seen as a guarantee of employment, but that is no longer the case.

With the saturation of the job market, the rise of automation and artificial intelligence, and the outsourcing of jobs to other countries, the value of a computer degree has decreased significantly.

In this article, we will explore the changing job market in India, the value of a computer degree in the past, and the present scenario that necessitates the need for new approaches to education and employment.

The Problem: Why a Computer Degree is No Longer a Guarantee of Employment in India

Despite the widespread popularity of computer degrees in India, graduates find it increasingly difficult to secure jobs. There are several reasons for this, including:

1. Saturation of the job market

As the number of computer science graduates continues to increase, the job market has become saturated, making it difficult for individuals to stand out from the competition.

2. Lack of practical skills among fresh graduates 

While many computer science programs focus on theoretical knowledge, there is often a lack of emphasis on practical skills that employers demand. This makes it difficult for fresh graduates to apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

3. The rise of automation and artificial intelligence

With the increasing use of automation and artificial intelligence in various industries, many traditional IT jobs are becoming redundant. This has decreased the demand for generic skills and increased the demand for niche skills in emerging technologies.

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4. Outsourcing of jobs to other countries

Many companies are outsourcing their IT jobs to countries where labour is cheaper. This has led to a decrease in demand for IT jobs in India.

Overall, these factors have contributed to a situation where a computer degree is no longer a guarantee of employment in India. It is, therefore, important for individuals to consider alternative approaches to education and employment.

The Solution: What You Can Do About It?


While the job market in India may be challenging for computer science graduates, some solutions can help individuals gain the skills and experience they need to stand out and secure employment.

One such solution is CodeQuotient’s Software Engineering Program (CQ-SEP), a modern approach to equip you for the future.

CodeQuotient’s Software Engineering Program (CQ-SEP): An Overview

CQ-SEP is a 3-year program that offers students a UGC-Recognised computer science degree from a NAAC A+ accredited partner university. In addition to the degree, the program also provides students with in-demand coding skills and paid internships after 1.5 years of the program.

CQ-SEP’s advantages include a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the current job market, a focus on practical skills, and an assured placement in leading tech companies upon graduation.

The program is also flexible, allowing students to work part-time with hiring partners in their team (remote or on-site) while completing academic courses and skill development.

Why CQ-SEP is the Best of Both Worlds

CQ-SEP is a unique program that offers the best of both worlds – a degree for stability and skills in high demand. The program provides students with a computer science degree, up to 2 years of real work experience, and in-demand coding skills.

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Moreover, the part-time work with hiring partners during the program allows students to gain real-world experience and prepare themselves for the tech industry.

This ensures that graduates of the program are well-equipped with the skills and experience employers seek.

Empowering Your Career with CodeQuotient’s Software Engineering Program

CodeQuotient’s Software Engineering Program (CQ-SEP) equips individuals with the necessary skills and experience to thrive in the competitive job market.

By adopting alternative approaches to education and employment, individuals can establish themselves in the tech industry and succeed. Therefore, it is crucial to consider such opportunities and take action towards achieving career goals.

If you want to kickstart your career and land your dream job, seize this chance and apply for CQ-SEP today to reserve a spot for yourself.

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