The traditional education system often falls short in preparing students for the up-to-date and fast-paced demands of the technology industry. With a theoretical, textbook-heavy approach, students graduate with knowledge but lack practical skills and experience.

This is where CodeQuotient School of Technology steps in with its unique model. Our mission aligns closely with industry needs to equip learners with the competencies to unlock their potential and succeed as technology professionals.

Making a Difference: How CQST Re-imagines Education for Students’ Success

We focus wholly on outcome-based learning that equips students to clear industry hiring bars right after graduating. Our approach aligns the curriculum, pedagogy, evaluation models and even job enablement initiatives closely with the target employment sectors.

Each element – from live projects and assignments to mentoring and internships – is intentionally designed to keep students’ workplace readiness as the guiding light.

CQST’s Innovative Approaches to Prepare Learners for Their Professional Journey

Now let’s see how we do that:

1. Immersive Industry-linked Projects

Instead of limiting education to theoretical knowledge, we rely on extensive project-based learning, exposing students to real-world software challenges. Learners develop solutions for actual software problems across sought-after domains like blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, data structure, etc. 

They work on applications that will serve end-users upon deployment. With projects co-designed by industry experts as part of the curriculum, students get practical experience even before they start working.

2. Extensive Collaboration with the Tech Industry

Instead of using outdated or generic education models, we continually align our curriculum with target recruiters through year-round consultations. With inputs from 150+ hiring partners on the latest technologies and exact skills required for their open positions, programs get upgraded regularly.

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Students thus gain specialised training on in-demand skills using cutting-edge workplace tools tailored to the recruiting industry’s expectations. Such context-driven learning equips them for new-age jobs.

Unlocking Students’ Potential by Eliminating Roadblocks

For us, enabling student success also means proactively removing obstacles that can deprive deserving candidates of accessing quality education and opportunities.

1. Fee Sponsorships

CodeQuotient opens its doors to students facing financial hardships through an innovative sponsorship model. Those who genuinely deserve it can get fee coverage from our hiring partners. Because we believe every student deserves to get that chance to prove themselves and fall behind because of financial conditions.

2. Integrated Internships

We have structured a comprehensive internship model spanning up to 18 months, where students periodically work onsite with our hiring partners. Tailormade hands-on projects under industry mentorship allow interns to gain specialised experience even as they contribute to company initiatives.

Companies also sponsor interns’ stipends based on performance; hence, they can gain financial stability while building their profile.

Program Structure – Optimised for Student Success

CodeQuotient offers a 3-year Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) with a UG Program in Software Engineering. Students earn a UGC Recognised BCA Degree with Software Engineering certification upon completion.

The on-campus program emphasises foundational concepts and advanced real-world applications aligned closely with industry needs across the curriculum.

Phased Learning Approach

Broken into focused segments, stepped learning enables students to build upon competencies systematically.

Phase 1 – Fundamentals and Simulation (1 year)

Learners acquire core software development skills and complementary academic knowledge per the university curriculum to strengthen concepts. Leveraging project-based pedagogy, they develop portfolio-worthy solutions targeting genuine business requirements.

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Phase 2 – Specialisation and Commercialisation (1 year)

Through CodeQuotient Software Labs, students engage deeply with specialised technology stacks matching their strengths and interests while collaborating to build market-ready software products.

Phase 3 – Workplace Immersion (1 year+)

Intensive onsite internships spanning a year allow students to integrate with company teams on long-term assignments. Industry mentors guide interns to apply classroom learning in delivering significant business value.

Structural Elements Underpinning Student Success

Structural elements

Certain deliberate design aspects act as the pillars supporting learner effectiveness.

1. Real-world Software Development

Right from Semester 1, students build projects that reinforce class concepts and explore practical applications, such as building a to-do list, interactive quizzes, personal portfolio websites, text editors, snake games, and more.

2. Industry Mentorship

Leading corporate practitioners provide systematic guidance as faculty and project supervisors at CodeQuotient, while industry leaders engage via guest lectures and workshops. This regular interface helps students stay updated.

3. Comprehensive Curriculum

With extensive coverage spanning Software Engineering, AI, ML, Cybersecurity, IoT, and Modern Web Development, we empower students to gain holistic mastery required for next-gen jobs.

Unlocking Potential, Fueling Aspiration

With its industry-integrated curriculum, real-world projects, and intensive mentoring by experts, CodeQuotient unlocks students’ potential to chart a successful technology career.

The program equips learners with specialised skills, vital on-the-job experience, and connections. By bringing industry perspectives into education, CodeQuotient bridges the gap between academia and employment while fueling aspiration.

And if you want to upgrade skills with an eye on the industry, you will find CodeQuotient ideal.

Get in touch with us today to get full details on the eligibility criteria and application procedure.

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