Students aspiring to start their careers in tech are often faced with the dilemma of joining a certification course. While some certifications boost your career, some don’t get the recruiter’s eyeballs rolling when they look at your resume. Among the plethora of options, AWS cloud computing courses are those that students often wonder about joining or not.

Over the last few years, businesses from various industries are adopting cloud-based solutions, and the pandemic only accelerated it. With the increasing demand for cloud computing professionals, certifications increase your chances of higher salaries and career opportunities.

This article discusses the value of doing Amazon Web Services cloud computing courses and how they help you in your career.

What Is AWS Certification?


Before debating whether it is worth doing an AWS cloud computing course or not, let’s first understand what AWS certification is.

Amazon Web Services or AWS is Amazon’s cloud platform that offers 200+ fully featured services. It is the world’s most widely adopted cloud platform, with millions of customers, from startups to large enterprises to government agencies. AWS certifications are training programs where you can learn the AWS platform and hone your technical skills in cloud computing.

Types of AWS Certifications

Amazon Web Services provides 12 certifications, of which six focus on the job role and the other six are speciality certifications. You can learn AWS either by the role or solution, and there are four learning paths: cloud practitioner, architect, developer and operations. Below is the list of certifications, their levels and the prior knowledge you need to attend the examination.

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You need a minimum industry experience of

  • 6 months for Foundational-level certifications.
  • 1 year for Associate-level certifications.
  • 2 years for Professional-level certifications.

Speciality certifications focus on specific topics for which you need prior technical skills and AWS Cloud experience in that domain.


There are many ways to learn AWS and prepare for the exam. You can learn on the job and consume free resources available online. But it is more beneficial if you join an AWS cloud computing course as you get to learn from experts and get to solve your doubts. Learn more about why you need to have a professional coder certification.

7 Reasons To Join AWS Cloud Computing Courses 

Let’s now see the benefits of joining an AWS cloud computing certification course:

1. Cloud Skills Have High Demand

As of 2022, the global cloud computing market is worth USD 483.98 billion and is expected to reach USD 1,554.94 billion! As a result, cloud skills are in high demand and will continue to do so. Although there are other cloud services, Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular public clouds. That means there is a larger requirement for AWS professionals over other cloud practitioners.

2. Better Career Opportunities

Even though getting a job depends on your performance in the interview, the certification on your resume helps you to stand out from the competition because hiring managers value hands-on experience and certifications more than university degrees when evaluating candidates. An AWS certification will prove your expertise in cloud computing skills and the AWS cloud platform.

3. Increases Your Salary

According to Ambition Box and Glassdoor, the average salary of an AWS cloud engineer in India ranges from 3.5 lakhs to 14 lakhs per year, with an average of around six lakhs per year. Depending on your role and certification level, you can ask for a better pay scale from your employer.

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4. Enhances Your Technical Skills

Apart from the monetary benefits, learning AWS, training and preparing for the exam enhances your technical skills. Because AWS cloud computing courses don’t just provide you with bulky textbooks and sample questions but provide practical training as well. You can learn from industry experts and get hands-on experience using virtual labs. You learn new skills, understand the platform inside out and discover best practices.

5. Better At Problem Solving

One of the most important skills you need to develop for a successful tech career is problem-solving. Whether you are a cloud practitioner, architect, developer or operations administrator, you must solve problems. You increase your cognitive abilities as you work on projects and apply your newly learned skills. This equips you to solve complex, real-life problems increasing your worth.

6. Recognition At Your Workplace

Who doesn’t love to get recognised at work? Joining an AWS cloud computing course showcases your commitment to your work and learning. You will also get noticed among your peers and managers. Once you become a certified AWS professional, you have a better chance at promotion and a pay raise.

7. Access To Communities

Most training programs have communities where you can interact with your fellow learners. You can ask questions, get answers and help each other during your certification journey. There are also communities dedicated to certified professionals to which you can get access. Communities help you build your professional network, get advice and help, find mentors, and find job opportunities.

Should You Get One? 

The simple answer is yes. It is worth doing AWS cloud computing courses for a bright and successful future in cloud computing. But remember that certification alone doesn’t get you a job directly or increase your salary, and your skills and practical experience matter more. Experimenting on your own can be fun, but an AWS certification helps you validate your skills. You can enrol in AWS training programs or look for other online certification courses.

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