JavaScript is one of the most popular scripting language used by developers. Needless to say, it is an essential skill for all young developers to possess and hone. An Online JavaScript Programming Test is an online assessment that helps both employers and developers alike.

As developers, our skill-set is very “test-able.” While many other fields are more centred around soft skills, in our field, there is a standard way of doing things, and you either know it or you don’t. Therefore, most employers nowadays use online JavaScript programming tests to gauge your ability as a developer.

Companies looking to hire developers use these tests as a process of elimination. Particularly when they are hiring for junior positions where the pool of applicants is large and the responsibilities are few, these tests help employers eliminate candidates that are not a good fit.

Another great advantage of these tests is that they remove any chances of bias that an employer may have based on social perceptions. These tests also allow employers to gauge your strengths and weaknesses and create a growth plan for you if they decide to hire you. Therefore, as an applicant, this stage of the process is also very beneficial for you.

However, we understand that the testing process is often not very transparent, and the chances of receiving feedback are low. You may have applied for many jobs and given many such tests but haven’t cracked them, and you don’t even know why. Moreover, sometimes online tests have complex parameters to judge your level.

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But don’t worry. Some of the strategies described below will help you take this challenge head-on and emerge as a successful developer.

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What to Expect in an Online JavaScript Programming Test?


When sitting for an online JavaScript programming test, you should be prepared for everything. These tests can assess anything from entire frameworks in JavaScript such as TypeScript, ReactJS, Express or individual concepts like functions, loops, DOM manipulation etc. However, a basic rule of thumb to follow is that they are testing your problem-solving skills, not your ability to cram information. This is why most of these tests are open-book exams.

In general, a test like this will have a multiple-choice component, a section on end-to-end app building, on a smaller scale, of course. There will perhaps be some algorithm puzzles and a test on your debugging skills. However, the most important segment will often be the section on solving real-world problems. While this is the part where your employer will best be able to visualise how you will cope in everyday situations, do not disregard the other sections as they test the core areas.

How to Prepare?

Apart from the obvious steps to study and practise regularly, these tips will help you better prepare for an online JavaScript programming test:

1. Gather Information 

If you are confused about where to begin in your preparation, a straightforward way of tackling it is to simply ask the employer/HR what you can expect on the test. Usually, employers are forthcoming with respect to sharing this information, and they often give you a broad understanding of the skills they are looking for. And, if you are lucky, they are also known to share the topics.

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However, if this attempt bears no fruit, read the job description closely. Based on that, you will get a general sense of what will be expected from you and try to brush up on those topics. Also, note the seniority of the position that you are applying for and prepare accordingly.

2. Revise 

There is no way around this. Try to get your hands on as many practice tests as you can and practise. Also, remember to time your attempts. While these tests often do not have a time limit, if you can complete them faster, you will most likely have the edge over other candidates.

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3. Strategise 

Develop macro and micro strategies. While planning your test strategy, figure out how to divide your time, which problems need more time and which to tackle later. That’s your overall strategy. Then, within the question, you should have a mini workflow. Making a flowchart helps or even writing a practice code.

4. Compare and Learn from Others 

Visit coding websites and Reddit threads where people have shared their versions of the answers. There is a great deal you can learn from the mistakes and successes of others.

We hope these tips will help you crack your next online JavaScript programming test. If you want to sharpen your skills as a coder and developer, feel free to get in touch with CodeQuotient. We are here to help you become the best coder you can be!

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