With the tech industry constantly evolving and expanding, it’s no surprise that landing a job in this field is becoming increasingly competitive. Also, if you want to land your dream job in tech, you’ll need to ace your coding interview.

Now, It’s normal to think that this interview can be intimidating. You may also need to finetune your strategies to ensure your success.

In this article, we’ll dive deeply into the topic, provide useful tips for avoiding mistakes, and explore how top tech companies evaluate candidates to bulletproof your chances.

This information will help you feel more confident and well-prepared for your upcoming coding interview, enabling you to take the first step toward securing your dream job in the tech industry.

Preparing for the Coding Interview

Before the interview, preparing by practising coding problems extensively is essential.

Candidates can use resources such as LeetCode and HackerRank to familiarise themselves with common types of questions that interviewers may ask during the interview.

Understanding the company’s background, industry vertical, specialisation, culture and values is essential to ensure you are prepared adequately for the interview.

For this, candidates can research the company on their official website, read reviews from current and former employees on sites like Glassdoor, and follow the company on social media platforms to better understand their culture and values.

Format of the Coding Interview Process

The process for coding interviews at top tech companies typically includes multiple rounds. Let’s go through them one by one:

1. Screening

This round involves the initial screening of candidates’ basic qualifications and technical assessments.

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2. Technical Assessment

This round is focused on coding challenges wherein the candidates are expected to complete specific projects/tasks within a set time.

3. On-site Interview

In this round, you’ll be asked technical questions and given coding challenges in person. You’ll also have the chance to learn more about our company culture.

4. Behavioural Interview

In this round, you’ll be asked questions to evaluate your communication and collaboration skills.

5. Final Round

In the last stage of the process, you’ll have the chance to speak with top-level executives or team leaders.

5 Evaluation Criteria Used by Top Tech Companies During Coding Interviews 


Tech companies evaluate job candidates based on multiple factors. Knowing these criteria can boost your chances of success.

Let’s take a look at the following criteria:

1. Technical skills

Tech companies evaluate candidates based on their technical skills, including proficiency in programming languages and familiarity with relevant technologies and tools. Candidates should be prepared to demonstrate their knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and problem-solving skills.

2. Problem-solving ability

Besides technical skills, problem-solving ability is a key criterion in coding interviews. Companies want to see how candidates approach problems and evaluate creativity, resourcefulness, and the ability to think outside the box, even if the answer is incorrect.

3. Communication skills

Communication skills are crucial for coding interviews, as candidates need to be able to explain their thought processes and collaborate effectively in a team environment. Companies evaluate candidates based on their ability to articulate their ideas clearly and to listen actively to feedback.

4. Teamwork abilities

Companies also evaluate candidates’ ability to work effectively in a team environment. This includes collaborating effectively with others and being a good listener and contributor to the team.

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5. Learning and adaptability

Tech companies look for candidates willing to learn and adapt quickly as the industry evolves. They evaluate candidates’ ability to learn and absorb new information and their willingness to take on new challenges and learn from their mistakes.

Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes During Coding Interviews

As much as preparing for the interview is important, so is knowing about the common mistakes that many candidates make.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes to avoid during a coding interview:

  • Not fully understanding the problem 

A common mistake in coding interviews is not understanding the problem thoroughly before attempting to solve it. Take time to read the problem statement carefully and ask clarifying questions if needed.

  • Not testing their code 

Failing to test code is another common mistake. Candidates should take the time to test their code thoroughly and check for errors before submitting their solution.

  • Poor communication skills 

Communication skills are crucial during coding interviews; poor communication can hurt your performance. Be clear and concise when explaining solutions, and actively listen to the interviewer’s feedback.

  • Not asking for help 

Some candidates hesitate to ask for help when they face challenges during the interview. Remember, the interviewer is there to help, and asking for clarification or guidance is better than wasting time struggling.


Coding interviews are an important part of the hiring process for top tech companies. To succeed in these interviews, practising coding problems and understanding the company’s culture and values are essential.

During the interview, candidates should demonstrate their technical skills. Avoiding common mistakes and focusing on these factors can increase your chances of getting a satisfying career in your favourite tech company.

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