Hello, aspiring developers! We know life is full of tests, and so is our education system. But what if we told you that one test could get your dream job? A test that could help kickstart your career? A test that can push you in the right direction? The AON CoCubes Exam is that test.

Everything You Need to Know About CoCubes Exam


We have listed everything that you need to know to crack the CoCubes Exam successfully and also why you should take it in 2021.

What is the CoCubes Exam?

The CoCubes Test is an employability assessment test conducted by Aon Assessment Solutions, a leading global professional service firm. It is designed to assess the employability of final-year engineering and MBA students.

The CoCubes Test is designed for engineering students pursuing B.E, B.Tech, M.Tech and management students pursuing MBA, BBA, BMS and BBM.

It serves as the perfect platform for both students and recruiters. It provides job opportunities to students and employability-related insights to recruiters.

What is the Syllabus of CoCubes 2021?

For Engineering students, the syllabus primarily focuses on Aptitude, Computer Fundamentals, Behavioural traits, Domain, Coding and Written English tests.

The Computer Fundamentals includes questions on Pseudocode, Email and email applications, database awareness, hardware and software, computer applications and IT knowledge.

The Coding section is more elaborate. It involves writing codes to solve a set of problems in any one of the following languages:

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Python.

Apart from this, computer students can expect domain-specific questions. These questions can include:

  1. OOPS Concepts
  2. Data structures
  3. Operating system concepts
  4. Design and analysis of algorithms
  5. Networking concepts
  6. Computer architecture.
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How is the assessment done?

The CoCubes Test invites several Institutes to participate. So candidates can check if their colleges are participating in the test and apply. The test itself is designed keeping the industry standards in mind. There is a cut-off mark set beforehand, usually during the Mock Assessments.

CoCubes also determine the cut-off marks based on a particular section. For example, domain knowledge might be very important to a particular client, so the cut-off mark for that particular section will be higher than usual.

Client requirements are always prioritised so the company can get quality talent within short periods.

Why should you take the CoCubes Test?


The CoCubes Test is slightly different from other tests because of its format. It is not simply a challenge – it is a platform where recruiters and students can connect.

Seen from the students’ perspective, CoCubes is important because:

Competitive Spirit

Unlike coding challenges such as HackWithInfy and CodeVita, which are oriented towards only one organising company (Infosys and TCS, respectively), CoCubes Test invites several reputed companies. Doing this turns it into a greater platform and leads to more serious competition. Students have a lot more options to explore, network and connect.

The chances of successfully landing interview calls go up significantly too. Further, students from different domains also learn and connect with recruiters. For example, a computer student taking the test might get in touch with recruiters working at different firms and start building his network early in his career. Therefore, CoCubes also serves as a networking platform for talented students.

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Reputed Companies hire through CoCubes Test.

Reputed companies such as Capgemini, Maruti Suzuki, Toshiba, Ericsson, Mahindra and Mahindra, Samsung, and many more hire candidates through the CoCubes Test. These are the dream companies for many candidates. The CoCubes Test brings the candidates a step closer to getting into their dream company by providing a platform where the candidates can prove their worth.

Candidates hired through the CoCubes Test are offered lucrative packages. Even if candidates do not get into their dream company, several other options are available for them to explore.

Credibility Among Recruiters

The CoCubes Test is a stringent one. It is time-bound and covers several sections ranging from the coding ability to a candidate’s behavioural traits. Candidates who successfully solve the test are judged as capable of being productive in the professional sphere as well.

Since several well-established companies hire candidates through the CoCubes Test, it has earned a reputation of being a reliable metric for ascertaining a candidate’s competency.

Even if a candidate does not quite clear the test, there’s still a lot to learn. So the student can implement this takeaway and do better the next time.

How to Prepare for the CoCubes Exam?


Preparation for the CoCubes Test requires a disciplined approach. The CoCubes exam tests a candidate’s fundamental understanding. So an exhaustive preparation of the core topics is required to ace the test.

CodeQuotient offers a rigorous SuperCoder Program focusing on Full Stack Development for 3 months. It is an intensive course that teaches core concepts like Data Structures, OOPS, Algorithms, GIT, and several languages such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, React, etc.

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The philosophy is “learning through implementation”. The course follows a practical, hands-on approach. The candidates are expected to work in teams and build LIVE projects. These projects are then later executed on CodeQuotient’s dashboard.

A 3-month course at CodeQuotient will help potential candidates polish their fundamental knowledge and understand the practical questions. The mentors at CodeQuotient are employees from reputed IT companies who can offer an insider’s point of view of what recruiters are looking for.

But if you are looking for a shorter, more competition-focused course, hop into our FREE Crash Course. Real PowerProgrammers mentor the course and will arm you with the right tips and tricks to successfully tackle the CoCubes Test.

If you have the grit, CodeQuotient can help launch your career. Are you ready to put in the effort and reap the immense benefits later? Enrol today for the paid internship and get your career started.

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