Are you gearing up for HackWithInfy Crash Course? The syllabus of HackWithInfy can get overwhelming. Then you do not have any time to waste. This exclusive coding competition is the perfect opportunity for upcoming full-stack developers to explore their skills and passion for coding.

Infosys launched HackWithInfy in 2018. This competition allows budding coders to compete with the best in the country. The initiative is mainly focused on encouraging young students. Winners of the competition win exciting cash prizes and a chance to work with IT giant Infosys.

Why Should Coders Take Part in HackWithInfy?


HackWithInfy provides students with an excellent platform to showcase their coding skills. Senior developers, talent hunters, and recruiters may notice them during this competition.

College students get an opportunity to tackle practical problems. This competition helps them transition from theoretical concepts to real-time problem-solving. This challenge helps to stimulate their mind and gives them a fair idea about their passion and efficiency.

The participants become aware of the latest trends and become efficient with time management.

How To Prepare for HackWithInfy 2021

Be it HackWithInfy or any other coding contest; it’s best to start your preparations early. Here are some great and practical preparation tips for competitive coding exams:

  • Revise previous years’ questions. The chances of questions repeating are less, but it helps you assess the question pattern and difficulty levels.
  • Last-minute revision always helps as the fresher the concepts in your mind, the easier it gets to apply.
  • Research past interviews. Research and read articles written by previous participants. This will give you an idea about the competition’s level.
  • Join online communities where you will find tips and tricks.
  • Become part of any learning community, like online coding classes. Here mentors and peers share their valuable experiences.
  • Attempt mock tests. This will help you get over the nervousness and also help you know about your time management and thinking skills.
  • Give yourself a problem and a strict deadline, and observe how you tackle the problem within that deadline.
  • For the interview process, be thorough with your CV. Never add anything to your CV that you are not entirely confident of. The interviewer will be focused on your CV.
  • Take the help of a friend. Ask them to take a mock interview. You can judge yourself during this mock round.
  • Prepare well for the basic HR questions like, “Tell me about yourself?”, “Why do you wish to work for this company?” and “What should we consider you?”
  • Enhance your soft skills along with your technical knowledge
  • Explain tough technical stuff to a non-technical person and see how well you can explain it.
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Why join the HackWithInfy Crash Course?


Preparing for the HackWithInfy can get challenging. With the proper guidance, even if you have the right skills, you may be able to crack the competition. And especially when you’re running short on time, it’s easy to get caught up in your head about what to do.

Whether you have time or not, taking a coding crash course is one of the best ways to prepare for the competition.No matter if you have time or not, taking a coding crash course is one of the best ways to prepare for the competition.

The crash course by CodeQuotient is an excellent course to enroll in. The curriculum for the crash course was designed by a core team of industry experts who have experience working in some of the world’s top tech companies. The crash course can give you guided preparation that may not be possible for you to do all by yourself. This tailor-made course will make you confident and exam-ready.

An incredible bonus of enrolling in this course is learning from the HackWithInfy PowerProgrammers – those who have successfully cleared the contest.

In this crash course, you can work on live projects. You will also be able to solve real-time coding challenges.

Even though the main focus of this course is HackWithInfy, you can also prepare for other competitions like TCS CodeVita and campus placements with this course. The course curriculum is designed in such a way that it prepares you for other coding competitions and job interviews. It makes you confident and improves your time-management skills.

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The HackWithInfy crash course is FREE. This course will help you crack HackWithInfy with confidence and make you job-ready. The course is conducted both in English and Hindi.

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