In the age where technology is progressing like never before, and where AI and ML are playing mission-critical roles for businesses, the demand for Python developers is on the rise.

Python, being one of the most versatile, easy to learn,  and popular programming languages, is the foundation for advancements in software and technology.

In fact, Python is one of the essential tech skills companies expect from software developers. Currently, the number of Python developers surpasses its predecessor, Java.

If you are keen to begin your journey with Python and grab the rewarding opportunities, besides learning under expert guidance in coding classes, referring to the best Python books should be a part of your learning strategy.

Python Book List for Developers 

Sure, there are plenty of best python books available, both online and offline. However, to make your learning faster, more effective, and save your time, we have curated a list of the best Python books every developer must read at least once.

Let’s move ahead to delve into the Python book list:

1. Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction To Programming Paperback, by Eric Matthes


This is one of the most popular Python books and was chosen as one of the best books for learning Python by Real Python–an authoritative blog in the field. The book brings you plenty of well-presented code snippets along with a detailed explanation for Python concepts, thus teaching concepts to beginners with ease. If you are already familiar with Python and want to progress, this book could be your trusted guide.

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2. Learn Python in One Day and Learn It Well, by LCF Publishing


Have prior programming knowledge? Are you already a Python developer and want to brush up your skills and fill your knowledge gaps? This book is your go-to resource. The author explains the concepts with relative ease, and you can rely on this book as a handy guide outside your coding classes.

3. Zero to Mastery In Python Programming, by Monu Singh Rakesh


“Python is hard” – if this notion has haunted you, this book proves that you have been getting Python wrong! The author covers many tips and tricks related to Python programming that help learners eliminate their fear of Python and master the subject effortlessly—hence the name: Zero to Mastery in Python (…). The book is segregated into three levels: Python for beginners, Python for intermediate, and Python for experts, and hence caters to the learning needs of all learners irrespective of their Python expertise.

4. Machine Learning using Python, by Manaranjan Pradhan


This book covers end-to-end topics in machine learning using Python, ranging from the foundations of machine learning to advanced concepts. The book covers decision tree learning, random forest, boosting, recommended systems, and text analytics – concepts learners need to gain hands-on experience to move from beginner to advanced. With its step-by-step approach and wide collection of real-time examples, this book puts learners at ease in their Python-learning journey.

5. Python: All-in-One For Dummies, by John Shovic and Alan Simpson


A must-read for Python beginners, this book covers Python coding from basics and takes the learners gradually to advanced concepts related to data analysis. If you are a newbie to Python and looking for a convenient learning resource to supplement your coding classes, this Python book is a must on your list.

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6. Data Structure and Algorithmic Thinking with Python: Data Structure and Algorithmic Puzzles, by Narasimha Karumanchi


Are you aspiring to crack the Python technical interview? Then, this book is for you. Filled with Python puzzles, interview questions, and well-explained concepts, this is one of the Python books a learner needs to hone their skills in coding classes. This book is written to cater to advanced learners’ interview and coding needs, and it does justice to its target readership perfectly.

7. Introducing Python: Modern Computing in Simple Packages, by Bill Lubanovic


One of the reasons Python is the most-loved programming language is that it is an open-sourced platform. This Python book teaches how to use Python for applications in business, science, and the arts, using different Python tools and open source packages. The author takes the learners through the Python-learning journey progressively from basics to advanced with the help of plenty of tutorials, end-of-chapter exercises, and sample codes.

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