The skills gap in the tech sector has been a significant problem, and the number has been increasing over the last few years.

But Edtechs has sought to solve it–and programming bootcamps are one of their success stories.

Many learners desire to be programmers while lacking the necessary skills. Programming bootcamps come to the rescue in these situations. They train you to become a developer allowing you to participate in the coding community.

If you’re curious about how attending a bootcamp can help you advance as a programmer, the blog is for you! The blog explores how Edtechs has transformed the way we learn and has made learning more practical and less theoretical.

The Need for Programming Bootcamps With Traditional Learning

There is no denying that a formal college education can be a great asset in many professions. However, there are some definite misses in this mode of learning  when it comes to programming:

  • The programming world is constantly evolving. As a result, you could be behind the times by the time you finish college.
  • In formal education, the delivery methods are usually designed to fit the curriculum, leaving out many advancements in the field for those who want to learn to program.
  • The emphasis is on gaining theoretical knowledge during graduation, while learners must also be aware of how they are applied in the real world.

But, programming bootcamps help fill in the gaps left by the formal education sector. What is essential is you need to join the bootcamp at the right time.

You can invest in bootcamp after graduation, but here are a few reasons why investing in programming bootcamp after graduation fails at certain aspects:

  • Learners are active at first but soon lose motivation to continue learning.
  • Learning capacity and problem-solving skills are significantly impaired after graduation.
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Thus, a mix of programming bootcamps and traditional learning is required to help learners become well-rounded programmers. Let’s explore how EdTechs streamlines a learner’s education by improving the process and clubbing the best of the two learning modes.

How Is Edtech Making a Change in the Educational World with programming bootcamp?


Now, we know that college curricula aren’t always aligned with the abilities needed in the software industry.

However, Edtechs can help learners learn the skills and information they need to succeed in the corporate world.

Edtech, like CodeQuotient, is revolutionising education by making it more accessible, engaging, and personal. When programming bootcamps are integrated into the college curriculum, students get the best of both worlds. CodeQuoteint has already begun participating in the formal education system.

CodeQuotient Academy‘s collaboration with Geeta University, for instance, has made the process easier for learners. The collaboration focuses on developing skills with a degree program where learners can learn practical skills while earning a degree.

Here’s how CodeQuotient opens the corporate door for learners and techies:

1. Makes coding easy and exciting to learn 

CodeQuotient offers Industry Integrated Degrees, which allow learners to learn within their university and receive a degree similar to other universities.

2. Emphasizes practical knowledge over theoretical knowledge

During the undergraduate years, learners gain more theoretical knowledge than learning how to create real-world applications. CodeQuotient, on the other hand, makes it a point to advance the curriculum by incorporating learning modules that emphasise gaining more practical knowledge.

3. You get a chance to work on live projects

When interviewing for your dream company, having hands-on experience is a big plus. The goal of CodeQuotient is to provide you with developer experience, and these projects are completed in collaboration with hiring partners. As a result, you’ll learn a lot about practices and how to code effectively.

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4. Learning and growing in the coding world is now affordable

When you work on live projects with hiring partners, you do not have to worry about the fees since they sponsor them.

5. Real-time mentoring relieves your concerns

Even if you are not in the Computer Science stream, the program offers real-time mentoring to help you learn programming fundamentals and how to code. We at CodeQuotient assist you in becoming role-ready as well as job-ready.

6. A diverse selection of the latest long and short-term courses to help you enhance your coding skills

Since students find it challenging to balance university classes and bootcamps, short courses such as the 45-day React.js programme and WordPress development are available for those who want to avoid committing to long periods.

7. Become an intern or work for your dream company

Companies trust CodeQuotient Academy to help them find the perfect talent since we are engaged with them as Talent Acquisition Partners. It gives you access to the top mentors in the field and the chance to intern or work full-time for your dream company.

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to be a programmer with the most remarkable firms.

Are You Ready To Join Your Dream Company?

Getting through the interview rounds and joining your dream company is challenging with limited knowledge. But CodeQuotient Academy is here to help.

Whether you’re a graduating student or a professional looking to enhance your skills, you get to learn from the best industry experts and become market-ready through our updated courses.

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Furthermore, our courses are either free or have a minimal cost. The only requirement is that you must be eligible to join CodeQuotient Academy. So don’t put it off any longer; join the SuperCoders programme today!

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