As a software engineer, you may have heard enough times from your professors how important Data Structure and Algorithms are. And chances are you skimmed through those classes to move forward to the more exciting stuff. And, once you get there, you realise you don’t need much of the DSA stuff to get going. There are pre-existing libraries to take care of the daily work. So, if you ask yourself- Is data structures and algorithms important for web developers? Dig right into this blog!

Let’s see why.

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What are Data Structures and Algorithms?

Data Structures are an efficient way of arranging data to be stored and retrieved as and when required. Algorithms are a set of steps used to perform specific tasks that give the desired output when employed.

Simply put, Data Structures and Algorithms are the fundamentals of Computer Science.

Let’s consider an example. You order furniture online and get a knocked-down version delivered to your house. You assemble it, and voila, you made a piece of wooden furniture! The furniture will work as it is intended to, but it may not be as per your specific requirements. But if you knew how to make that piece of furniture out of wood, you can create magic with proper training and tailor it just the way you want it. Similarly, for web development, you may not need DSA because you can assemble different codes and come up with a result. But if you know how the Algorithms work and how the logic fits into them, you can come up with your Algorithms employing your logic and your brain that may very well exceed your expectations.

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Let’s discuss why knowledge of DSA is more important than ever.

Why learn Data Structures and Algorithms?


In this fast-changing world of Web Development, where computer languages, customer demands, and writing codes are becoming increasingly complex, a good knowledge of DSA is important to have the edge over others. Below are some key reasons to affirm this:

EfficiencyAs an end-user of any web-based application, you wouldn’t want an inefficient piece of software to waste your time. Thus, ineffective building code that lacks memory usage and speed optimisation doesn’t leave you with a satisfying experience. As a web developer, analysing your run time and speed is essential. Knowing the algorithms and which to use makes all the difference while writing code.

As a back-end developer, good knowledge of DSA is necessary for efficient storage management and retrieval of data while preventing memory leakage.

1. Understanding What’s Better

If you lack knowledge about DSA, you can still perform front-end and back-end operations. Most of the time, you will have an existing library from which you can look up solutions. But how would you rationalise which algorithm to use in a particular case when a bunch of the algorithms work similarly? For small data strings, all may work efficiently. But when the data gets large, which one of those algorithms will be faster in a real-world scenario? How would you effectively manage memory usage without blowing a hole through your budget?

Understanding the difference between what to use, when, and how to use will depend on a basic question- why to use. A clear understanding of DSA will help you analyse which data structures and algorithms will give you a better result, irrespective of data size.

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2. For Placements

Let’s face it, you may be a top-notch developer worth your salt, but you still wouldn’t land a placement if you don’t know the basics of Data Structures and Algorithms. Top companies almost always test your DSA knowledge. Loading your web page in under a second would need good knowledge of DSA. So, understanding what Big O notations are, how an algorithm will work when the array structure expands, and what effect it will have on your run time makes all the difference during interviews. If your concepts about the finer aspects of DSA are unclear, it may throw a spanner in all that you aim for.


To be very fair, DSA is not absolutely essential for web developers as it may be for other aspects of the IT industry. But with a sound knowledge of DSA, one can open previously new dimensions.

The fun of taking apart the nuts and bolts of a program and polishing further to make it work like a dream gives you that added flair to your already unique approach. It’s a skill that needs to be honed. And what better way to approach it than a free course on ‘full-stack development’ that assists you with placement after completion of the course?

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Learning Data Structures and Algorithms has never been this easy and fun, and with CodeQuotient, cracking your first interview is bound to be a pleasant experience. Is data structures and algorithms important for web developers? Answered!

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