After you have spent a few years in college learning computer languages, the next step is to land a job. To land a job, one must prepare for the interview. To prepare for interviews, one must have an idea about the type of common C++ questions interviewers ask.

Here in this article, we will try to understand the types of questions asked during interviews. We will focus on C++ and hope to soothe the nerves of the learners.

Wide Range of C++ and Interview Questions

When it comes to common C++ coding questions, a thorough understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms is essential. They are the foundation that any interviewee should build themselves upon. Unless the fundamental data types, object-oriented programming languages, and virtual functions are clear, cracking interviews will be tough.

With the implementation details being established, let’s get to other areas of focus.

Common C++ Coding Questions for Freshers

The questions are as follows:

1. What is the difference between C and C++?



2. What is operator overloading?

Answer: Operator overloading in C++ means that we can make certain operators work for user-defined class templates.

This means C++ allows you to assign a data type special meaning. For example, the operator ‘+’ can be overloaded to link two strings by just using ‘+’.

3. What do you know about polymorphism in C++?

Answer: Polymorphism is the ability of a message to be displayed in more than one form, and it is an essential component of OOP.

It can be divided into:

  • Compile time polymorphism
  • Runtime polymorphism
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Tell me the difference between compile-time types of polymorphism and Runtime polymorphism.



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4. What do you mean by reference and abstraction in C++?

Answer: Referencing in C++ is another name given to an already existing variable. When it is initiated, the variable can be accessed by reference, variable name, or both.

Data abstraction in C++ refers to providing only the necessary information without revealing the background details.

Common C++ Coding Questions for Experienced

The coding interview questions are as follows:

5. What do you understand about OOPs’ conception of C++?

Answer: OOPs concepts refer to Object-Oriented Programming Language. For C++, it includes:

  • Object- anything that exists in the real world is called an object.
  • Class- a collection of objects is called a class.
  • Inheritance- refers to the properties that a child class inherits from a parent class.
  • Polymorphism- this portable language refers to the ability to exist in more than one form.
  • Encapsulation- refers to the binding of data and code in a single unit.
  • Abstraction- refers to showing the relevant data without showing the background details.

6. What is inheritance in C++?

Answer: Inheritance refers to how we can create a new class (child class) from an existing class (parent class). The child class is also known as the derived class, and the parent class is also known as the base class.

7. What is the difference between new() and malloc()?



8. Name a few operators that cannot be overloaded?

Answer: They are:

  • Size of (size of operator)
  • . (dot operator)
  • ?: (conditional operator)
  • -> (member dereferencing operator)
  • .* (dereferencing operator)
  • :: (scope resolution operator)
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9. What is STL? What are the various types of STL Containers?

Answer: A Standard Template Library or STL is a library of container template classes approved by the ANSI committee. The various types are:

  • Queues and stacks- they are called adaptive containers and are similar to traditional queues and stacks.
  • Vector and dequeue- they are similar to arrays and are sequential in nature.
  • Set and map- they are associative in nature and are containers that have key or value pairs.


Now that you have core concepts about the common C++ coding questions or coding interview questions, it’s time to grind it out. Preparation for that dream placement needs dedication and proper guidance.

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