Career Program after Class 12th

If you’re a student who just passed Class 12th, you might wonder what tech career opportunities are available readily. A career program after Class 12th could be your first step to a prosperous job role in the tech industry.

Whether you’re interested in coding, software development, or cybersecurity, various options are available to help you get started.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best career options after the 12th for tech career opportunities and what are the advantages of pursuing a degree or professional course and the necessary skills to succeed.

Best Career Options After 12th in the Tech Industry

Best Career Options

Various best tech career options are available to those who have completed their Class 12th education. Some of the most popular career paths include:

  • Software Developer

A software developer is responsible for designing, coding, and testing software applications. They may work on various projects, ranging from mobile apps to enterprise-level software systems.

  • Web Developer

A web developer is responsible for designing and building websites. They may work on front-end and back-end development and specialise in a particular programming language or content management system.

  • Cybersecurity Analyst 

A cybersecurity analyst protects computer systems and networks from unauthorised access, theft, or damage.

Career Programs After Class 12th: An Overview

Here is what you get after joining a career program directly after class 12th:

1. Industry-Integrated Course

Career Program Courses are designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the industry and the skills required to move up on the company ladder. They are taught by industry experts and it incorporates practical training to ensure students are job-ready upon graduation.

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2. Job-Oriented Course

These programs offer courses tailored to the demands of specific tech industry job roles. They focus on the latest technologies and trends, ensuring that students are up-to-date with the industry’s demands.

3. Exposure to In-demand Skills

Students are also taught the necessary skills, such as coding, programming, and software development, essential in the tech industry. A suitable career program recognises the importance of these skills and has designed its curriculum and internship opportunities to address them.

  • Academic Degree

With some career programs after class 12th, students have a clear pathway to their future. They offer a wide range of advantages, that sometimes even cover degrees, that are required benchmarks and provide excellent job prospects.

What Are the Advantages of Professional Career Programs after Class 12th?

There are several advantages of pursuing a professional tech program after Class 12th. Some of them are:

  • Paid Internships

Students receive paid internships in some professional career programs, like CodeQuotient’s Software Engineering Program (CQ-SEP). This enables them to gain real-world experience and start earning even before graduation.


  • Better job prospects

By pursuing a professional tech program, students can gain specialised knowledge and skills in high demand in the job market. This makes them more competitive and increases their chances of getting hired by leading tech companies.


  • Higher salaries

Professionals with specialised skills and knowledge in the tech industry can command higher salaries. A professional tech program can help students gain these skills and knowledge, leading to higher salaries and better compensation packages.


  • Career growth opportunities

The tech industry constantly evolves, and professionals must stay current with the latest trends and technologies to remain competitive. Pursuing a professional tech program like CQ-SEP can help students stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry and provide them with opportunities for career growth.

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Final Note: What Makes CodeQuotient the Best Option for You?

The tech industry offers many career options that do not require a degree. However, pursuing a degree or a job-oriented course is essential to establish a long-term career in this field.

CodeQuotient’s Software Engineering Program (CQ-SEP) provides a promising option for students seeking a career in the tech industry.

CQ-SEP is an innovative program that provides students a gateway to the tech industry by amalgamating industry skills, learning and experience. The program offers students the chance to start earning and working straight after Class 12th, giving them an early career start.

The program is structured to provide hands-on experience with coding and problem-solving through practical and project-based learning.

Upon completing the program, students earn a UGC-Recognised Degree from a NAAC A+ accredited partner university and enjoy guaranteed placements in leading tech companies.

Through CQ-SEP, students can gain the necessary skills and experience to succeed in the tech industry. The program provides students with sought-after coding skills and includes paid internships after completing 1.5 years of the 3-year program.

This unique feature allows students to earn and accumulate relevant work experience before graduation, making them more competitive in the job market.

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