Coding is a high-demand skill with numerous job opportunities in today’s market. The proliferation of startups has also increased the number of opportunities for software engineers. However, as opportunities have increased, so has competition.

So, how will you cut through the competition and pave your path in the coding world?

To help you here, Shivangi from CodeQuotient had an brings a conversation with Sameer Garg, Senior Staff Software Engineer at PaloAlto Networks, in the seventh episode of Fixing the Bug.

In the podcast, Sameer offers tips on:

  • How to upskill yourself while in college
  • What are the mistakes that learners usually make while crafting their CVs
  • How can you manage stress after rejections
  • Finally, how does CodeQuotient help you upskill yourself and prepare you for the industry

Let’s look at the details.

Today’s Sacrifices Can Yield Better Results Tomorrow

In the conversation, Sameer shares his journey with CodeQuotient, describing his experiences while preparing for his interview. He says,

“I have been passionate about coding since 9th standard, and I have been writing codes since then, but being passionate about something and being skilled at it so that you can land a job is a different game altogether.”

He mentions that while in college, he met Arun Goyat, the founder of CodeQuotient, who mentored him and helped him to upskill himself. He also shares,

“When all my friends went to have movie nights, I skipped them to code, which helped me land my first internship at Netscape.”

You can also land your dream job by putting in the right amount of effort to hone your coding skills. Even if it requires you to burn the midnight oil, you should work hard for your career.

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Learn All Concepts, but Master One

Sameer focused on the importance of mastering one language or framework while knowing all the concepts of software development. He says,

“Pick one language and excel in it, but you should have knowledge of all the languages and concepts of framework to stand out in the crowd.

He says that specialising in one language and knowing all aspects of software development makes you more valuable in the market.

Soft Skills Are as Important as Hard Skills

Many students focus only on programming and development skills throughout college. But that covers just one part of the selection process. When it comes to presenting the project, many students aren’t able to present their ideas well, which leads to rejection.

Sameer suggests that as much as you focus on your programming and development skills, you should also focus on your presentation and communication skills right from your first year to avoid rejection in the interview process.

CV Mistakes That Can Lead To Rejection


Recruiters receive thousands of resumes every day, but many of them get rejected because of these mistakes:

  • Grammatical errors: This is one of the most common mistakes that many applicants make. Make sure to proofread your resume and correct all grammatical errors before sending your CV to a recruiter.
  • Long resumes: Recruiters are busy people; they don’t usually have the time to read 3-page long CVs, which may cause them to overlook important information. Sameer suggests that you should have a 1-page resume that briefly explains your achievements and experience.
  • Adding all the skills on the CV: It’s very hard to master all aspects of software development, and recruiters know that. So, instead of adding all the skills in your CV, add only those skills which you have mastered, that’ll make you look more credible in the eyes of recruiters.
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How Can Codequotient Add Value to Your Career?

While discussing the do’s and don’ts of the coding career, Sameer highlights the value that CodeQuotient adds to the career of learners. He says,

CodeQuotient is a beautiful platform that allows recruiters to see the projects of the learners. Also, it offers great mentors and peer groups that push the learners to do much more than their potential, transforming them into professional coders.

CodeQuotient offers interactive sessions and the opportunity to work on live projects that adds to your CV. Mentorship and peer-to-peer learning prepare you for the real software industry.

Final thoughts

To land your dream job, you have to work hard and consistently while focusing on your soft skills and hobbies. Also, joining a platform such as CodeQuotient can help you hone your skills to a professional level, making you a more desirable candidate in front of recruiters.

If you are determined to learn deeply about coding and make a career out of it, then you should check out CodeQuotient’s SuperCoders Program. It’s a program built after thorough research on the industry and includes live projects, interactive sessions, and mentorship that make you industry-ready. And the best part is that it is free of cost.

If you’re looking for a program that can upskill you without much investment, then CodeQuotient Academy is the place for you to start.

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