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With the demand for skilled IT professionals skyrocketing, exciting career paths are opening up for those eager to enter the tech world. One promising avenue comes from HCL Technologies, a global tech leader offering unique opportunities for young talent, HCL TechBee.

In this post, we will look at what HCL TechBee is, its criteria and process, the benefits it provides, and the prospective job opportunities it delivers for young tech enthusiasts.

What is TechBee: HCL’s Early Career Programme?

HCL TechBee offers academically outstanding class XII students a unique path: a fast-track career program leading to a top-tier position within HCL. Designed for those seeking an alternative to traditional higher education or desiring financial independence after 12th grade, TechBee combines work experience with integrated studies.

  • The programme, which contributes to the government’s ‘Skill India’ aim, prepares students for entry-level IT positions.
  • Candidates receive 12 months of training for this. After successfully completing their course, they are hired full-time by HCLTech.
  • Not only that, it also offers the opportunity to graduate from India’s top technological institutes.

In essence, HCL TechBee is a hybrid training programme that focuses on both technical education and personality development to ensure that applicants are job-ready.

HCL TechBee Programme: Training and Availability

All training sessions are delivered using a hybrid mode, with both online and classroom components at designated training centres. This training programme has been implemented in Vijayawada, Lucknow, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Madurai, and Noida, with over 2000 students benefiting since its commencement in 2017.

Students can also use hostel facilities wherever they are available while pursuing the programme.

Due to the exceptional success of this programme in India, HCL TechBee has launched it in several other countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, the United States, and many others.

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How Does HCL TechBee Differ from the Conventional Programs?

  • To begin with, TechBee—HCL’s Early Career Programme provides students with an early start in their professional IT careers.
  • To illustrate, when A-Level students who choose the traditional path complete their degree, TechBee candidates will have three years of IT experience while pursuing their BSc(Hons)/BIT degree curriculum.
  • Learners gain financial independence during the training time itself. They receive an appealing monthly allowance during their apprenticeship time. After completing their training, students begin earning from the age of 18 to 19, with a beginning pay that is competitive with the sector.
  • They are already ahead of their colleagues, and their early start will serve as a springboard for massive professional advancement.

Eligibility Criteria for the HCL TechBee Programme

The eligibility requirements for HCL TechBee are simple, making it accessible to a diverse talent pool. Here are the requirements to be eligible for the HCL TechBee programme:

  • The eligibility criteria for students who completed Class XII is 60% across all boards.
  • For the IT position, candidates must achieve a minimum of 60% in Mathematics or Business Mathematics.
  • If a student asks for improvement in class 12 examinations and receives an extra copy of the mark sheet (apart from the original one), i.e. the improvement mark sheet, the aggregate percentage of scores will be calculated only from the new mark sheet.

HCL TechBee Program: Selection Process

As part of the stringent selection process, candidates will go through four phases of selection. Stages include:


Click Register Now and fill out the application form.

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Take a fundamental Career Aptitude Test that assesses quantitative, logical reasoning, and language ability.

Versant Exam

Take a comprehensive language ability exam that includes a spoken English assessment.


You will meet with the HCLTech selection committee to demonstrate your abilities.

After completing all four phases of the selection process, candidates will be contacted to begin their 12-month training programme at HCL, known as the TechBee Training Programme.

After successfully completing the training session, the candidates would be given full-time positions with HCLTech.

Why Choose HCL TechBee?

TechBee provides various benefits that make it an appealing alternative for individuals seeking to enter the tech business early in their careers:

Dynamic Team Environment

Connect with a vibrant team that promotes growth and innovation.

Hands-on Experience

Get practical exposure to the most recent technologies and processes while being guided by experienced professionals who will help you build your abilities and identify your strengths.

Career Advancement

Advance in your profession, take on more responsibility and drive your own initiatives.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to address complicated business issues and provide new solutions to clients.

Financial Independence

Get to become financially independent because the stipend begins in the first month.

Recognition and Growth

HCLTech encourages hard work and honours accomplishments. As you thrive in your profession, you can move to roles such as Project Manager, Technical Lead, Senior Engineer, and beyond.

HCL TechBee: Job Prospects

Candidates following the HCL TechBee programme are guaranteed a 100% placement upon successful conclusion of the course, suggesting that HCL Technologies would engage them as IT Services or Associates.

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The candidates will be able to earn wages ranging from Rs 1.70 lakh to Rs 2.20 lakh per year.

Candidates can anticipate any of the following jobs upon employment and successfully completing their training programme.

  • Web Server Deployment
  • Coder
  • Software Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Security Policy Implementation
  • Research & Development
  • Process Automation
  • Develop Applications
  • Analyst
  • Testing Engineer

Empowering Early Tech Careers: A Path Forward With HCL TechBee

The programme prepares participants for success in the ever-changing IT world by providing thorough training, industry exposure, paid internships, and attractive job opportunities. With so much to learn, novices can do anything!

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These opportunities allow students to gain experience and create a strong portfolio in preparation for future job prospects.

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