If you are a coder, what’s the best way to upskill and upgrade yourself in 2023? By taking on new challenges and Competitive Programming!

We are talking about competitive coding challenges like TCS CodeVita and Infosys’ HackWithInfy. These coding competitions have become quite reputed in recent years and serve as a catapult to fast-forward the career trajectory of budding software developers and engineers.

While the cash prizes associated with the competitions are quite attractive, these competitions have so much more to offer to young, brilliant minds. Indeed, competitive programming is here to stay. Let us walk you through why it matters and why you should register for these today if you haven’t done already.

Reasons Why Young Coders Should Participate In TCS CodeVita and HackWithInfy


So, what are the perks associated with coding competitions? Let’s find out:

1. Get Your Dream Job Opportunities

These competitions offer candidates an excellent, open platform to showcase their skills in front of senior developers, talent hunters, and recruiters.

HackWithInfy and TCS CodeVita both consist of 3 rounds, each increasing in difficulty.

If your coding skills and knowledge impress the recruiters, you may get your dream job without any further hassle. Each round has three questions and a given time limit. Candidates who clear the first and second rounds proceed to the final interview round.

A great way to learn more about these contests is to bookmark the official pages of TCS  CodeVita and HackWithInfy. This will help you stay up-to-date about the registration dates, test dates, syllabus changes, etc.

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It also helps to do a bit of research on the experiences of previous years’ candidates. Various online coding communities also openly discuss the dos and don’ts of the challenges.

2. Learn to Solve Real-world Problems

Programmers must be problem solvers. Whether it is as simple as debugging an app or figuring out a solution for solving traffic congestion during the 9 am rush hour, programmers are people who are adept at finding solutions to regular life problems.

Competitions like TCS CodeVita and HackWithInfy provide talented college students with opportunities to tackle real-world problems. It smoothly transitions from theoretical concepts to practical, real-life jobs.

During the competition, candidates are actively involved in solving a real-life problem. This allows them to implement what they have learned inside their classrooms and understand what it is like to be a software developer or a programmer.

Further, a challenge like this stimulates the mind. It gives the candidate a fair idea of what their work appetite is. What do they enjoy doing, to what extent do they like crunching on data and churning code, what kind of problems can they solve efficiently, and so on?

Participating in these competitions can change the candidates’ worldviews and give them the much-needed boost to launch their careers in the right direction. It shows just how good a fit a candidate can be in a particular organization in the future.

3. Compete against the best minds of the country


In recent editions, the competitions have now gone global. TCS CodeVita and HackWithInfy attract the best minds in programming from worldwide, who get pitted against each other in an invigorating competition.

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For the mind that loves coding passionately, it is the perfect opportunity to test their mettle against a pool of candidates with similar skill-set. After all, it is only through participation in an intense competition that one knows their standing.

Competing against the best minds in the industry teaches one early how to be always on the toes, up-to-date with the latest trends and efficient with time management. That’s an important lesson learned during CodeVita or HackWithInfy.

4. Learn the Difference between Speed and Efficiency

There’s a reason why TCS calls candidates for interviews who solve at least one question in round 2. As the competition has a three-hour deadline, top coders are extremely quick and efficient simultaneously.

However, that’s not to say that, barring the finalists, other candidates get nothing out of the competition. This is where the recruiters observe the efficiency of other coders. Coders who have solved at least one or two problems correctly still stand a chance to be called for interviews. This is because these competitions effectively grind candidates to be suitable for the actual working environment.

5. Personal Enjoyment

For passionate coders, CodeVita or HackWithInfy is like a Cricket ODI or Football Champions League. There’s a lot of tension, work, months of preparation, and so on, but at the end of the day, what matters is how much the candidate enjoys it.

Truly passionate coders enjoy every minute of the contests. It is a great stepping stone for moving up the career ladder as a young software developer or engineer.

Finding the right environment is important to prepare well for these coding competitions. CodeQuotient’s SuperCoders program helps passionate coders polish their skills and thrive in a competitive environment that focuses on solving real-world problems. The students must complete at least Two LIVE Projects during the course, which act as a portfolio for the recruiters to observe. The projects are done in a deadline-driven environment, training students for coding competitions like TCS CodeVita and HackWithInfy.

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The more well-versed a student is in competitive programming, the better he gets at performing in a competition.

And, of course, the better the performance, the better the salary package.

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