Having spent countless hours scrolling through so many websites on the internet, have you ever wondered what makes a website work? While a lot goes on behind the scenes to design and deploy any website on the internet, this process of building, hosting, and maintaining these websites is known as Web Development.

According to Datareportal, more than 6 out of 10 Internet users buy something online weekly. Naturally, for any and every business that wants to grow, having a digital presence is extremely important today.

As more and more businesses hop online, the need for good web developers is at an all-time high with endless growth potential. As per a popular job portal, employment for web developers is estimated to grow 8% from 2019 to 2029, which is faster than the average for all occupations. The average salary is between ₹2.4 to ₹14 LPA.

This makes Web Development an excellent career choice for learners passionate about technical programming and development using various classic and latest technologies. To learn it, learners can join a website development course.

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Skills Required Before Enlisting in a Website Development Course


To have a flourishing career as a Web developer, there are many technical skills one can learn in a website development course. However, the following skills are a great to have in the broader sense to become an efficient one:

1. Attention to detail:

Web developers must ensure they don’t overlook important details because one line of code can significantly affect a website’s functioning or aesthetic. They must be able to identify the problem’s location when troubleshooting.

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2. Ability to multi-task:

A Web developer can have more than one project ongoing simultaneously, and occasionally a client’s emergency might put another project on hold. Web developers must be able to manage multiple projects without missing deadlines.

3. Self-Disciplined:

While teamwork is excellent for developing a website quickly, a Web developer may occasionally do some tasks alone. Hence, they must be able to work independently without supervision and deliver timely results.

4. Ability to handle stress:

A tight timeline is sometimes required when creating or upgrading websites. Developers must be capable of handling the strain of completing the work with the clients or managers, constantly pressing for results.

5. Excellent Communication:

A Web developer must liaise with multiple stakeholders such as designers, writers, illustrators, marketing executives, and Search Engine Optimizers. They sometimes must talk with end-users who may not be technically savvy. Hence the ability to communicate well is significant.

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Types of Website Developers:

Depending on your interest, you can either choose to learn front-end web development or back-end web development. You may also join an intensive website development course to become a full-stack web developer. Let’s understand what these three mean:

1. Front-End:

The interactive area of a website that users engage with is called the front-end. The fonts, images, text, colours, drop-down menus, and sliders you see when browsing the Internet result from a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2. Back-End: 

At its most basic level, the back-end of any website consists of a server, application and database. Back-end developers employ server-side languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java to connect these components. Using technologies like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server, web developers can retrieve, save, or modify data and deliver it back to users through front-end code.

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3. Full-stack: 

As the name suggests, full-stack developers offer the “full package”. They can work cross-functionally on the front-end and back-end of the entire “stack” of technology. While they primarily work on the server-side of web development, they are also proficient in front-end languages, which dictate how the website appears to the users. They can essentially make a whole website by themselves.

Upskill Yourself with Website Development courses:

Joining a website development course might be highly beneficial if you already possess some of the abilities listed above and wish to improve them or start moving toward a career in web development.

While there are many different website development courses available online, they are all designed to teach different skills and technologies. Hence, knowing what you hope to gain from the course is essential before enrolling.

When choosing a website development course you want to enroll in for upskilling your knowledge, you want to ensure the following things:

  1. Includes practical assignments and evaluations
  2. Teaches transferable skills and real-world, job-specific information
  3. Skills that make you job-ready, rather than cramming theoretical concepts
  4. A community of like-minded learners with whom you can interact and learn from.

Once you finalise a course you wish to enroll in, it is only a matter of time, effort, and perseverance before you can become an efficient and knowledgeable website developer.

Just ensure you attend the lectures regularly, whether they are real-time, instructor-led sessions, or self-paced, recorded ones. Having a disciplined learning ethic and scheduled routine is key to brushing up your skills and challenging yourself to grow daily.

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Most courses will reward you with a completion certificate, or you can opt for an external certification in the specific technology you learned during the course period to establish yourself as a certified web developer.

If you are a fresher, some courses will even help you get a job placement with reputed companies or start-ups. From here, you can jump headfirst into the industry and gain some valuable work experience or begin your journey as a freelance Website developer on your own.

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This is a job-oriented program where you will develop an impressive work portfolio to show to potential recruiters. What’s more, this program by CodeQuotient is free for learners and helps you land your dream job.

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