With the IT world rapidly advancing and changing with the introduction of new technologies, staying up to date can be quite difficult. Not only that but with so many people competing for the same roles, how can you put yourself ahead of the crowd and have the knowledge needed to maintain a successful career?

Well, this article features some methods and tips you can follow to stay up to date regarding your IT skills and knowledge. But, before that, let’s understand why is it important in today’s time.

Why Should You Invest in Upgrading Yourself?

While it may seem like technology is here to stay, is your current skillset prominent enough to last forever? Well, over the past few decades, massive industries such as pagers, plasma TVs, etc., have nearly become extinct. A great insight into this can be seen in the graph below.

As seen in this graph, the rate of technological development is increasing and we are met with advancements on a continuous basis. Thus, unlike in previous decades when IT skills would help you work in modern technologies for years, you now need to continuously keep yourself updated to be able to work on the tools and tech of today.

This is especially true for IT businesses as the type of work performed has taken a paradigm shift in recent years. To tackle this, at CodeQuotient, we have been continuously involved in updating our programs and internal team training to ensure that everyone is can keep up-to-date with the latest technologies.

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This investment in up-gradation has not only allowed us to stay ahead throughout the fast-paced IT skill growth but also helped others follow along. That being said, with so many advanced technologies becoming outdated, let’s review some methods you can follow to ensure that your IT skills remain relevant no matter the timeline.

4 Insider Tips To Keep Your IT Skills Up-To-Date


1) Utilise The Internet & Online Resources

Whether this is with the help of our SuperCoders Program, CodeQuotient Academy, or even an online course, make use of the internet. Not only is it a resource you can access from anywhere in the world, but you will always be able to find recent information that can help you stay updated and ready to face the latest trends in IT.

That being said, even if you are not interested in completing online courses, reading IT blogs and industry news can help you get the hints you need to plan your route.

2) Attend Events & Workshops

Various events happen both offline and online for everything ranging from the latest programming languages to the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Attending these can not only benefit your knowledge of these topics, but you will also be able to understand what is going on in the industry.

An added benefit of such events is meeting like-minded people who can motivate and guide you through your journey.

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3) Never Stop Learning

While it may be possible to stop learning in various industries worldwide, this is not the case in the IT world. So not only do you need to keep updating your existing spectrum of knowledge, but the further you get in your education or career, the broader you should aim to make this spectrum.

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For example, suppose you are a Python programmer and want to make sure your career is on an upward trajectory. In that case, you can learn various skills to improve and advance your employability. Most prominently, gaining a grasp on technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, SQL, NumPy, etc., can help you stay advanced and up-to-date.

4) Follow the Latest Updates in the IT World

The worst thing you can do when trying to keep up with the fast-pacing world is not knowing what’s happening in the world. Whether it is an advancement in AI technology or just a new application for a certain programming language, knowing what’s happening can help you stay with the times.

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Moreover, following the latest updates can also guide you through your future career path. This is because as long as you know what’s going on, you can always be ready to adapt to new trends in technology.

If you want more tips and tricks to keep yourself motivated and up-to-date with the IT world, check out our CodeQuotient blog for the latest news, tips, and more. Also, if you are looking for some of the best online courses to keep learning, try out our SuperCoders Program and build a successful tech career.

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