NEP (National Education Policy) 2020 recommended the inclusion of coding and data science in the school curriculum. Yes, the skill is irreversibly gaining demand since the technology challenges of the 21st century are just massive.

The success story of Keshav Boora shows how you can build a career in the IT industry if you have the right determination and get proper guidance. He was a part of our SuperCoders Program which has been designed with its curated content and approach to gives proper training and exposure to software developer aspirants like him.

Keshav Boora from Kurukshetra bagged an intern position at Indus Valley Partners after completing CodeQuotient’s SuperCoders Program.

CodeQuotient’s SuperCoders Program – Background Check

Set with the target to make programming accessible in India, CodeQuotient was incorporated 4 years ago. Their program is tailored to perfectly meet the need of the present market challenges. The main objective of the company is to groom the students and transform them into an asset that tech companies hunt for.

A satisfactory learning experience that led Keshav to Indus Valley Partners


Here’s something unique about Keshav’s journey – an aspirant with the determination to learn. Wanting to upskill, Keshav joined the course with the sole objective to learn and excel in college. He wasn’t aware of the placement opportunities that the course provided.

He joined the program when he was in the 2nd year of college, searching for a proper coach in full-stack development. But, to his surprise, he landed the role of Associate Software Engineer – Intern after completing the course. What’s better is, he received a package of 7 LPA as a result of the excellence he attained along the course.

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At par with the learner’s expectation

The course is not any other regular course one would come across on the internet. This course admits learners based on their love for coding and full-stack development. Learners have to go through a rigorous screening process, and based on their attitude and commitment, they are permitted to join the SuperCoders Program.

When asked how likely is he to recommend this course, he said –

I have already recommended this course to a lot of my friends. I have had an amazing experience and want others to experience it too.”

Keshav is more than satisfied with the teaching approach of CodeQuotient mentors and he mentioned how the experience had surpassed his expectations. The course content is apt and comprehensive. There is nothing he hoped should have been a part of the course, additionally.

He says – I had a really hard time getting well versed with Binary Tree but CodeQuotient made it easy for me to understand the concept. The course has a very practical approach to learning and the assessments just make it easy to learn and execute.

Practical approach to learning

The course provides values that are way beyond what a college houses. The classes do not end rushing through the topics, rather the coaches make sure each and every student attains deeper understanding and success.

Each topic from the course is considered important. As a result, the coaches take their sweet time to run through every detail so that no pages are left unturned. This also ensures that the classes are in sync with all the learners, irrespective of their learning ability.

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Beyond classes, the course entertains additional preparation for interviews. Students are invited for collaborative sessions where their queries and doubts are addressed.

Gone are the days when the theory was good enough to go. In order to set foot in the competitive landscape of the tech industry, mastering how to develop technologies is extremely critical. It is because tech is everywhere, and businesses heavily rely upon online presence. This is the idea that SuperCoders fosters and likewise renders. The course would definitely give a fine edge to college students, learners, and companies.

Individual learners can choose to transform their lives by aggressively upskilling via this course. Colleges can partner with CodeQuotient to provide rather practical exposure to their students and help them get into the best tech companies and be competent.

Also, companies who are in search of ambitious coders can get in touch with CodeQuotient for faster hiring. CodeQuotient builds highly skilled and trained coders through its bespoke courses, to help companies find the right fit.

The best part about the course?

The course is designed to be an end-to-end source for definite recruitment. Starting right from selection to the point a learner is hired, they provide all sorts of training within the course. They have personal interaction sessions where learners are prepared for interviews, so they can bag the best placement offer.

Based on the performance and excellence of the learners, they are matched with the right job opening. They have an added advantage as they partner with multiple prominent universities for the training process. This also aids in campus placement opportunities.

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Penning down a summary about the course, the SuperCoders Program is designed to make the learners job-ready. Upskilling is no longer a hassle, rather a fun-filled learning experience with massive perks.

Keshav’s story tells us how a good learning attitude merges perfectly with the course. In search of the right guidance purely for academic purposes, he scored a job in Indus Valley Partners. This is how well the course is designed to meet the present industry standards. Check out the SuperCoders Program from CodeQuotient if you are looking to upskill or fetch a job.

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