Technical skills are in high demand in the market, with coding skills at the top of the list. Though there are numerous opportunities for coders, the competition outnumbers the options. So, how does one go about ensuring a good job in the software development field?

Anurag had similar thoughts while pursuing his B.Tech at the Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management and Technology. Here’s how he beat out the competition and landed a job as a software developer at Text Mercato.

Anurag’s Journey From Learner to Coder With CodeQuotient

Before joining CodeQuotient, he only expected to learn how to create an end-to-end project. Anurag says,

“The program had a lot of good content, and our mentors also taught us in really nice ways.

He was able to ask his questions on the student portal and got swift responses from his mentors. Through these live sessions, he gained a deeper understanding of coding, which he can utilise after graduating in 2023.

CodeQuotient’s teaching methods were more student-centric which differentiated it from other bootcamps. The course structure, along with live projects, helped the students quickly learn core coding skills. Anurag shares that even those who had no idea about a few topics could get up to speed by putting in a little extra effort and become full-fledged coders in just three months.

“I believe CQ’s approach to teaching, guiding, and improving our skills is better than other bootcamps or learning platforms.” Anurag quotes.

Project-Based Learning


“This project-based learning helped me to understand everything clearly, and I would highly recommend it to everyone.”

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Anurag says that the SuperCoders Program helped him improve his programming skills and learn various problem-solving approaches for the real world.

Being in a professional career for some time, Anurag suggests that students should master at least one language, as it will give them an advantage over their competitors.

One-On-One Mentoring Sessions

Anurag says, The best thing about the program was the one-on-one mentoring sessions. The doubts are solved very quickly by the mentors.”

CodeQuotient offers these sessions to each of its students to clear their doubts and guide them throughout their journey.

The mentors are determined to help learners realise their coding dreams, so they are always available to assist them in need. Anurag says,

“There was a lot of good content in the program, and our mentors also taught us in really nice ways.”

Mock Interviews

Not only does CodeQuotient help you with learning core coding, but it also offers assistance during placements. CodeQuotient conducts mock interviews near the end of the program for their students to prepare for the interviews and drill confidence in them. Anurag shares,

“One of the best things that CQ did for me was to conduct mock interviews, as they were great and also helped me gain confidence.”

As a student, it is difficult to know everything about coding interviews, which is where CodeQuotient comes in.

“My first interview scheduled by CQ with a company was very smooth; CQ almost covered 90% of the things that they asked in the interview,” quotes Anurag.

A Worthwhile Experience

Anurag learned and enjoyed a lot during the three months with CodeQuotient. He was satisfied with the course contents and the interactive sessions that took place during the program. He enjoyed the learning process and recommended it to others as well.

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The course was fantastic. There was only one thing that my friends and I felt, and that was that the course duration was a bit short,” says Anurag.

SuperCoders Program

If you’re looking for guidance or mentorship and want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd, then here is your chance to enrol in CodeQuotient’s SuperCoders Program & become a master of coding before you graduate.

It is a 12-week program that covers all the aspects of coding, from basic to advanced. The program offers one-on-one mentorship, live projects, and placement assistance to all its students. The mentors are dedicated and are always available to help students understand every problem.

What’s great? It charges minimal to negligible fees from its students and conducts an entrance exam to select candidates for the Bootcamp.

If you’re determined to sharpen your coding skills and land your dream job, then you should consider joining CodeQuotient.

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