It was nothing short of a dream come true for Haryana’s Gourav Saini when he received the opportunity to work with Meritech Solutions as a Software Engineer – Intern. Hailing from the small town of Yamunanagar in Haryana, Gourav believes that hard work is the key to success. In a heavily tech-dominated world, Coding is one of the most sought-after skills. However, due to barriers like language and accessibility, many talented young coders miss out on the opportunity to realise their dreams. At CodeQuotient, we strive to make our educational modules accessible to all.

The CodeQuotient Software Engineering Bootcamp is designed with this goal in mind. Learners enrolled in this programme receive live instruction from highly trained facilitators. What’s more, the course is free for all learners. Gourav Saini entered this programme filled with a passion for the subject and a drive to excel. Here is his story!


A student of Kurukshetra University, Gourav first heard about the CodeQuotient Software Engineering Bootcamp via an email sent by his college. His interest in developer skills was piqued, and he enrolled in the course. A passion for coding had led him down many websites offering skill-based training. However, they offered pre-recorded videos, not live interactions, which is typical classroom learning. This, according to Gourav, severely hampered his learning ability.

Moreover, they were taught in English, which made the already non-interactive courses even harder to grasp.

At CodeQuotient, he was thrilled to discover that not only were the classes happening live, they were also being taught in Hindi – his mother tongue as well as his preferred language. He enrolled in the course before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and, therefore, had a chance to interact first-hand with his instructors. However, with the subsequent switch to online teaching, he was happy to note that the CodeQuotient staff adapted to the change swiftly. The introduction of an online whiteboard really helped him understand the concepts and keep up with the class.

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Powering Through CodeQuotient


Gourav is, in every sense, a self-motivated and hardworking individual. He believes that learning is a two-way process. Without the enthusiasm and persistence of the learner, the instructor may also lose interest. According to Gourav, the biggest advantage that the live sessions at CodeQuotient Software Labs gave him was the ability to clarify doubts instantly. He felt the instructors really helped and supported him through the process. The most rewarding moments were when they would push him to find solutions himself. That is when real learning happens.

The discipline and rigour that this programme instilled in him is the best gift he has received.

He says that when projects involving a range of technologies were assigned, his mentors’ constant follow-up encouraged him to think creatively and stay motivated.

Taking the Torch Forward

Gourav recommends this course to all his friends and peers interested in this field. The course has built in him a confidence that is unshaken by challenges, and he wants more and more people to feel that joy.

Remembering His Roots

In his hometown, Hindi is the primary spoken language. People are comfortable with it and struggle to understand instructions in English. This is the best thing about the CodeQuotient programme, he says. It is the one unique quality that makes other learners in his peer group excited about the course. Unlike other online courses, here, deserving students can build a personal relationship with their instructor primarily because communication is easy.

The barrier of language is not emphasised enough when we talk about access to opportunity. A number of foreign companies have set up EdTech modules in India, but the question of language is rarely addressed.

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Gourav is one real-life star who may have missed great opportunities if he had not found a programme in his own language.

He says that his friends are also impressed by his body of work and bank of knowledge.

“Since enrolling in this programme, I have developed a portfolio, sure, but I also have the learning and conceptual knowledge now to back it up.” He adds, “No one challenges my work now.” [translated from Hindi]

Charting His Own Destiny with CodeQuotient

At CodeQuotient, we could not be prouder of our young alumnus finding his feet. Gourav himself is thrilled to have been placed at Meritech Solutions as a Software Engineer – Intern. He is very excited to hit the ground running as his career takes off. Meritech Solutions is a software development agency headquartered in Japan. Co-founded in 2003 by Harish Sachdeva and Denis Bednar, Meritech specialises in creating tools to optimise the performance of mobile network services.

At CodeQuotient, we partner with many tech companies like Meritech Solutions, which are looking for fresh, young talent. They also offer internships to students, and talented students can get opportunities for full-time job roles. Gourav is one example of many alums who have been placed through our Software Engineering Bootcamp. If you think you are an inspired young programmer who wants to sharpen your skill set and learn about the eligibility criteria and application process, then talk to us now. Remember, this programme exists for you and is entirely free of cost.

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