To progress and adapt in this continuously updating world, we must simplify and upgrade our technological resources. And to improve our technology, we must know and understand the language of computers: Coding.

Writing code is nothing short of an extreme sport. You analyse your goal, map down your vision, debug the hurdles, and iterate every time you lose. To celebrate and identify such talent from around the world, Tata Consultancy Services organises the world’s largest coding contest called CodeVita.

This annual code fest is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every aspiring programmer to compete with the best coders from around the world and earn recognition on a very large scale.

The primary objective of this contest is to open up career opportunities for its top coders and give them a chance to get recruited by Tata Consultancy Services.

Why Go For CodeVita – the Ultimate Coding Challenge? 

In its previous season, more than 2,30,000 students from around 89 countries across 3500+ institutes registered to compete in this contest to win the title of “World’s Best Coder”.

It is the perfect chance to showcase your skills to the best recruitment companies, and there’s no comparison to the global exposure and experience of competing in a coding competition of this size. The experience alone will open up different opportunities and paths for your career.

Apart from this, there are some exciting prizes to be won:

  1.   1st Prize: US$ 10,000 | 2nd Prize: US$ 7,000 | 3rd Prize: US$ 3,000.
  2.   Internship opportunity with CTO Research Team.
  3.   Waiver in the Aptitude Test of the TCS Placements process for good performers.
  4.   Up to 3000 Job offers for top coders.
  5.   Global Ranking to Top Coders.

Eligibility Criteria for CodeVita

Now that you’re convinced about the benefits and opportunities Codevita can generate for you, let’s discuss the eligibility criteria and other prerequisites required to participate in this competition.

  • Coders from institutes across India who are completing their academic courses in 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 alone are eligible for this contest.
  • Aspirants who are applying for TCS Codevita can apply from any institute across India.
  • Graduates and postgraduates with Engineering and Science backgrounds in any field are also eligible.

Not to forget you must have a decent internet connection, a valid postal address, and an email address in order to enter the contest.

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Structure of the CodeVita Coding Contest

It used to be a team event, but it has been an individual event since 2017. The structure of the contest is pretty simple. It consists of several rounds of coding with a few mock rounds so that you can get used to the format of the tests and UI of the system over which you’ll give them. After each round, you also have to clear an interview. The interview questions are broadly around the solutions and concepts you have used in previous rounds. So the only way you get qualified is by giving optimal solutions in the test and justifying them properly in the interview.

Mockvita: These mock tests are similar to the qualifier rounds and mostly consist of questions from previous seasons of Codevita. Although this is an optional test, it is highly recommended that the student appears for this. There will be a total of two mock tests and will be scheduled conveniently on a weekday and a weekend to ensure a maximum number of students can appear for them.

Codevita consists of 3 major rounds: Pre-Qualifier Round, Qualifier Round, and Grand Finale.

Pre-Qualifier Round

It is an online round in which the participants have to code the solutions for the given questions within the time limit of 6 hours. You can choose the time slots according to your convenience from the active duration of the test. The important thing to note here is that there will be no break while appearing for this test so book your slots accordingly. You have to complete the test once you log in.

There will be two zonal rounds for the Pre-Qualifier stage in India, and the participants will be tagged to a particular zone based on their form details. This round is conducted separately for India and other countries.

Qualifier Round

This is also an online round and is scheduled after all the Pre-Qualifiers from around the world are completed. Top performers from the zonal rounds globally will move into this round. The Qualifier round is conducted on the same day for every country and is a similar, 6-hour-long test.

Grand Finale

Students that pass the qualifiers will then compete in the grand finale of this event. Usually, the finale is organised at the TCS offices, but due to the pandemic, travel restrictions could be a challenge, and hence it might be conducted online in a proctored environment. The top 3 performers will be declared the winners of the contest and will receive exciting prizes, internship opportunities with the CTO Team, and provisional Offer Letters.

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How to apply for the CodeVita Test: 

It is fairly simple to complete the registration for the test. Just follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the TCS Codevita website

All the candidates must head over to Campus Commune Portal and click on the register link for CodeVita Season 10.

Step 2: Register yourself.

If you’ve already registered on the TCS Next Step portal, log in with the right credentials and register for the exam.

If you do not have an account registered, fill in the details, and complete your account registrations. Save these credentials as they are very important for the contest.

Step 3: Be thorough with terms and conditions

Go through the terms and conditions of the contest before you complete the registration. These points are essential as it contains some of the regulations that you must know before you accept them.

Step 4: Select the Category

After registration, log on to the TCS Next Portal to select the category of the kind of job that interests you. This initiative is only for Indian aspirants, and applications from other countries are out of consideration. You have the option to choose between:

  • IT: Select IT for software application and development.
  • BPS: Select BPS for business profiles such as BDE, sales, call support, etc.

Step 5: Application form.

All the details you fill in this form must be correct and relevant. If your information does not match at any point during your interview rounds or online test, it will result in disqualification. It will also bar you from giving this exam in the future. Be mindful of the following things when filling out the form:

  1. Use a relevant email ID: A great deal of communication will occur through emails, so be sure of using an active and ethical email account for your application form.
  2. Mobile number: Enter a valid mobile number which is always active for communication.
  3. Password: Use a password that is unique to you that cannot be easily guessed by others.
  4. Security question: Always keep a simple and memorable security question so that it can help you reset the password if you lose or forget it.
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After you submit the application, log on to your email account to confirm your mail ID.

Step 6: Confirm registration:

Once you finish the mail confirmation and accept the terms and conditions, it will then ask you to verify your mobile number. Enter your registered number and complete the process. Your registration process is now complete!

Important note:

  • Any student who is not a bona fide student from an institution or university in INDIA will be disqualified and not permitted to participate in TCS Codevita.
  • Each registered participant will receive a unique secret code or link for the contest. It will be a part of the login credentials you require for the contest platform.

Now that you are aware of what Codevita is all about, it’s time to brush up the coder in you. You will have an option of choosing from 8 different programming languages: C, C#, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

We recommend you brush up on the basics and strengthen your foundational concepts. There are going to be several problems you have in under 6 hours, so not only do you need to be optimal with your solutions, you must arrive at them as fast as possible.

For thorough preparation and guidance on how to crack the competition, reach out to us at CodeQuotient. We not only help you strengthen your core concepts but also prepare you according to the updated syllabus.

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