Capgemini is one of the world’s top global consulting, technology, and outsourcing companies. It has a strong presence in India, where many techies dream of working.

The company is known for its world-class training and development programs, which help employees build their skills and grow in their careers.

Capgemini’s on-campus and off-campus hiring drives are the easiest way to get a job at the company. Today, we’ll go through everything you need to know about the Capgemini selection process for 2024.

Capgemini Recruitment and Hiring Guide 2024

There are two main ways of securing a job at Capgemini: on–campus placement and off-campus hiring drives.

If you’re a final-year engineering student and Capgemini is visiting your campus to recruit freshers, you can apply for the placement drive.

On the other hand, off-campus placement happens a few times a year, and you must clear all the interview rounds to get a position at Capgemini.

In this guide, we’ll be focusing on Capgemini’s on-campus hiring process. However, the interview stages and types of questions are often the same (or similar) in the off-campus hiring drives.

Job Roles Offered in Capgemini Recruitment Drive


Capgemini offers three roles in on-campus recruitment drives. All three positions are for analysts, but the pay package increases with the analyst rank.

A fresher Analyst will get a package of 4 LPA with a 25k bonus. The pay package increases to 5.5 LPA at the next grade, with a 25K bonus. Finally, senior analysts get a package of 7 LPA, bonuses, and perks.

You can apply for any of the positions. However, the final selection is based on your performance in the written tests and interview rounds.

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Now, let’s look at what the Capgemini selection process will look like in 2024.

Capgemini selection process 2024

You must first register for the Capgemini on-campus hiring drive, like any other placement drive. You can get more information about this from your college’s placement coordinator. Then, the actual hiring process begins with the following rounds:

  • Technical assessment

The first stage of the interview process is the Technical Assessment. This stage focuses on pseudocode questions. For this stage, you should have a strong understanding of programming logic. You should also have proficiency in C, C++, and Java and a solid foundation in data structures and algorithms.

In addition, you must have experience with object-oriented programming (OOPS), database management, networking, and cloud fundamentals. All questions in this round are MCQ-type.

  • English communication test

The next round will test your communication skills with multiple-choice questions. Reading comprehension covers a large part of this round. However, you should also focus on active and passive voice, para jumbles, direct and indirect speech, sentence correction and completion, and vocabulary. Work on your English to ace this round.

  • Game-based aptitude test

The next round is the Capgemini Gamified Quantitative Aptitude Test. It measures your ability to solve numerical and logical problems. The topics include arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation. It’s an online test presented in a game-like format.

  • Behavioural competency profiling

You’ll have to take an Adaptive Employee Personality Test in this round. It’s a way for Capgemini to understand whether a candidate will fit Capgemini’s work culture.

The assessment consists of a series of pairs of statements, and you will be asked to indicate which statement you agree with more.

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There will be five pairs of statements on each screen, and you’ll not be able to skip any item or move to the next page until you have completed all the statements on the current screen. So, choose the one you agree with most after carefully considering each pair of statements.

  • Coding round

The coding round is for only candidates who have applied for the Senior Analyst role. It tests the candidates’ coding skills in one or more languages.

  • Technical interview

The technical interview is the penultimate stage of the Capgemini recruitment process. The interviewer will ask you questions on your areas of interest, past projects, and the latest developments in the tech world. You must work on your general and subject-specific knowledge to crack this round.

  • HR interview

The HR interview is the final and one of the easiest rounds of the Capgemini recruitment process to crack, given you have good communication skills and confidence. It’s a much less rigorous round, and the interviewer will focus on your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and work ethic.

After this, if all goes well, you get an official job offer from Capgemini.

A Few Tips for Capgemini Selection Process 2024

Here are some tips for performing well in the Capgemini on-campus placement drive:

  • Brush up on your programming skills, data structures, and algorithms, and practice solving numerical and logical problems
  • Clearly articulate your ideas and solutions to problems
  • Practice with online tests and mock interviews
  • Learn about Capgemini’s culture, values, and business offerings


Our advice would be to start your preparation without delay and consider all these guidelines we have provided to ace the Capgemini selection process.

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