Saurabh Patidar from Indore joined Code Quotient’s Super Coders program to learn the nooks and crooks of the coding world. Upon completing his course, he received a placement at Indus Valley Partners as an intern associate software engineer. Keep reading to know his story, and how Code Quotient paved the path of his success.

Code Quotient’s Super Coders Program 

The SuperCoders program is a 3 month live online course that imparts the necessary practical skills you need to develop front end and back end components of a software or web application. This includes languages such as HTML5, CSS, React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. Our industry-standard learning modules train the best minds, helping them build an able portfolio that flaunts their skills and expertise. Further, we get our students in touch with the right recruiters, making sure we place them at well-deserving companies to help them land their dream job. Here are some features of the SuperCoders program:

  • There are over 80+ live learning sessions on the platform.
  • We have over 17,000 active learners on the platform.
  • There are over 10 technologies to learn from, making the course a versatile one that’s apt for any suitor.
  • Students receive practical assignments after completing each module, where they have to develop apps, webpages, and tools. This can be showcased in their portfolios. We have received over 10 million submissions from them.
  • Our mentors are all industry professionals, having worked at some of the top tech companies in the world.
  • Over 500 students have received placements in the past 6 months.
  • We have over 20 university partners.
  • The course is completely FREE for able students.
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How Saurabh Landed his Dream Job


Saurabh hoped to join the course early on at a college event, but he happened to miss it. He was told by one of his sirs that he missed the application deadline for the same reason. Fortunately, Saurabh stumbled upon Code Quotient’s website and applied externally. This course coursed the way to so much more. SuperCoder’s full-stack development course helped Saurabh dive further into coding, learning the 0’s and 1’s that node.js and Java Script consisted of. Here are some factors that made his experience at SuperCoder’s stand out:

1. Qualified Mentors – 

Saurabh boasts about the mentors that guided him through this course. These qualified professionals provide you with hands-on experience, ensuring you complete your assignments while guiding you along the way in case of any turbulence. All his errors were resolved instantly, and the mentors regularly followed up with his work, making sure he passes the course with flying colours.

I highly appreciated the mentoring process, especially how they addressed our problems and helped us solve them.” 

2. Exemplary Learning – 

The course was a beneficial learning experience, not only teaching Saurabh the ways of coding but also imparting a learning attitude within him–the drive to succeed and learn more. Albeit being slightly face-paced, he believed the pressure was what can be expected out of a coding program. He describes the entire process as worth the hassle, having his tensions eased by his mentors.

“It was just the right pressure and motivation I needed.” 

3. Placement Opportunity – 

When Saurabh enrolled in the course initially, he had no clue about the various placement opportunities he’d receive upon completion. He joined the course purely for learning purposes but stumbled across his dream job on the way. Additionally, CodeQuotient provides free placement with no service-level agreements beforehand. Upon completing this program, he was placed at Indus Valley Partners as an Associate Software Engineer – Intern.

“SuperCoders unique selling proposition and biggest benefit is the placement opportunities they provide upon completion of the course.” 

Saurabh Patidar hopes to encourage students across the country to enrol in CodeQuotient’s SuperCoders program, to achieve the same level of success that he has. He also says that receiving a placement from here was god-send, so students must accept upon receiving a placement.  Additionally, he describes SuperCoders program as an immense learning experience that will polish your coding skills to the max, while encouraging you to learn further.

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How to Apply for SuperCoders Program

Here’s how you can apply for the SuperCoders program today:

  1. Fill out the application here:
  2. You will then receive an online assessment.
  3. If you pass the assessment, you will be invited to a technical Skype interview.
  4. After coming to common grounds about your admission, you may enroll and start your preparation for taking the course.

This immaculate course imparts all the practical knowledge you need to move forward in your coding career. The phenomenal course curriculum covers everything that’s required to become an industry professional. Kickstart your career with CodeQuotient, apply today.

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