The world of IT and technology is, without a doubt, exceedingly competitive. Every year, computer and software engineers struggle to find work due to sheer competition in the field. Software development and coding are the primary areas of work for software engineers and are required by almost all businesses and firms. Still, the demand for quality engineers is way more than the supply.

To meet this ever-growing exigency in the coding field, CodeQuotient helps learners improve and excel at coding and land their dream job, just like Shubhi Upadhyaya.

Shubhi was a part of CodeQuotient’s SuperCoders Program, and now she is an Associate Software Engineer Intern at Indus Valley Partners.

Shubhi Upadhyaya’s Inspirational Journey From a Learner to an Associate Software Engineer Intern


Shubhi’s target was to pocket a software development internship, but she found it difficult to get a good opportunity. She realised that she needed good projects and sharp skills to stand out from the crowd.

When she came across CodeQuotient, she was primarily looking for a good course that would help her learn full-stack development. She found the course she was looking for to brush up on DSA and that was the kick-start.

Shubhi mentions: I was looking for an internship, but I was not getting one due to the pandemic. That’s where CodeQuotient helped me a lot.

When asked about what made her choose CodeQuotient above other courses, she told us it was the live sessions that contributed the most to her decision. She wanted the authentic mentorship that she found at CodeQuotient.

CodeQuotient offers excellent courses and mentorship that guides learners and helps them with coding and development, to gain hands-on experience.

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CodeQuotient assesses the learners and allocates different batches based on their understanding and learning pace. This provides them with adequate attention and guidance that they need to polish their skills.

Shubhi says,If you are confused with so many courses available online, just go with CodeQuotient without thinking about anything. Just go for it.

“Not even 5 minutes were wasted.”

When asked about how the course helped her, she told us that she was pleased with the practical knowledge she gained. She was glad that she didn’t have to start from zero again, the course started at an understandable level, and no time was wasted on repeating things she already knew.

I felt that when I was in the course with CodeQuotient, I didn’t feel even 5 minutes were wasted. Every minute was worth it.

“It gave me more confidence that I can crack any question.”

CodeQuotient makes sure that the basics are clear and learners become assertive about all the topics covered in the course.

Shubhi stated that she could not prepare well due to the pandemic, and her DSA was lagging. This required her to work again from the beginning. But as she joined the CodeQuotient’s SuperCoders Program, she quickly gained her grasp back on DSA.

After completing the course, Shubhi said, “DSA was the best part. It gave me more confidence that I can crack any question around DSA.

“Strengthens your resume.”

Resumes often decide whether or not you will get the job you are eyeing for. The same was Shubhi’s concern. She wanted her resume to stand out of the crowd, and CodeQuotient undoubtedly helped her.

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CodeQuotient courses are project-based, thus by the end of the course, you have the knowledge, practical experience, and a bunch of projects that would make your resume shine.

“Mentorship was the best thing about the course.”

Shubhi said that mentorship was the best thing about the course and explained how the mentors made learning more accessible and exciting.

Having an opportunity to interact with teachers and ask any question, regardless of how big or small, is a commendable aspect of the program.

This is especially notable because in online classes, interaction with trainers, getting their doubts cleared, and proper guidance, are some critical challenges. Over time, the attention span and interest in the subject or the course as a whole are lost.

However, this is not the case with CodeQuotient, since the learners never feel left out. CodeQuotient ensures that each learner is getting attention, and at the end of the session, there is no doubt left unanswered.

“It felt like you had a mentor 24×7 by your side.”

Once Shubhi was enrolled in the SuperCoders program, her experience with CodeQuotient instructors and the entire course experience was more than she could have hoped.

Shubhi says, “It felt like you had a mentor 24×7 by your side.

She further mentioned that the course really changed her for the better. “After joining CodeQuotient, it felt like my whole schedule had changed. It brought in more discipline. You just feel like staying away from distractions. And focus on your work. The course, teaching, and curriculum were that engaging.

Shubhi is now placed at Indus Valley Partners as an Associate Software Developer Intern with a handsome package. CodeQuotient team wishes her all the very best for her future endeavours.

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We aim to create a fun learning environment and help aspirants like Shubhi who need the right guidance to reach their best.

CodeQuotient’s courses make learning code less intimidating, enabling you to move at your own pace, seek help from the best mentors in the biz, and have a real grasp on everything tech.

The course provides you with all the practical knowledge you need to advance in your coding career. The curriculum covers everything you need to know about coding and becoming an industry professional.

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