There are millions of young coders who have built successful careers in tech. With the booming advancements in computer science today, this is a booming industry, which is why almost everyone wants to get on this bandwagon.

While a few people make it on their own, all of us can agree that having professional training and guidance is a sure-shot way to maximise our chances. A plethora of opportunities, handsome salaries, and the promise of a stable career compelled Vikash to pursue this vocation.

Vikash Kumar, a bright young man, hailing from Haridwar, is one of the coders who succeeded in turning his passion into a career! Here’s the exciting journey of how he got placed at a company like SurveySensum as a Software Engineer.

Vikash’s Inspiring Journey

In the year 2022, Vikash attended Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Haridwar College for his formal education. In his final year of college, Vikash discovered the SuperCoders programme offered by CodeQuotient, which was exactly what he was looking for.

Vikash said: “I got to know about Codequotient through my college. This was my first batch. As my friends were also in previous batches, I eagerly awaited the start of the new batch. All the students of my college performed well.”

Before joining the batch, he only had one thought: I had to work on some projects that would be very useful to add to my portfolio.” He believed that this course could close the knowledge gaps between what he already knew and what he needed to learn to land a high-paying job.

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Enhancing Skills and Practical Knowledge


“After successfully completing this program, I can confidently say that I can answer any questions about Java Script on my own.”

Vikash tried to learn web development through Udemy during his third year of college. He used to receive refined source codes which he just had to copy and paste, but he was curious to learn the coding know-how. These courses either reiterated what he had already studied in college or lacked the tools and direction necessary for effective learning.

Vikash asserted, “Here in CQ, mentors instructed me on what to do and how to do it, and I used to apply them on my own. That was the biggest difference between the two programs.”

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Codequotient and its Mentorship

“I didn’t expect to crack more than 6, but thanks to CQ’s dedication and hard work, I cracked 7.5 LPAs.”

When asked about his experience at CodeQuotient Academy, Vikash emphasised a lot over the mentorship he received. The best thing about this program was the communication of mentors with the students.

It’s because he remembers that the journey wasn’t always easy for him. Apart from the program, he also had to juggle his college exams, among other things, due to which he had to skip two classes. However, thanks to peer learning and the academy’s supportive mentors, he could get back on track, this time with a lot of momentum.

He says, “Without a doubt, CQ’s mentors have all the ideas of what is going on in the industry as they are all industry experts.”

“All the mentors were very encouraging and helped me a lot in the placements. Everything was very polished, and I got an unexpected outcome.” 

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Landing the dream job!

“I didn’t expect to crack more than 6, but thanks to CQ’s dedication and hard work, I cracked 7.5 LPAs.”

After acing the practical application of his newly acquired skills Vikash was prepared for the competitive IT market.

He was over the moon when he had a job interview with SurveySensum, who recognised his abilities and offered him a position as a Software Engineer with a fantastic deal!

“If our college did not introduce CodeQuotient to us, then I would have probably joined Cognizant, which I had no interest in joining.”

Wrapping Up

We hope the inspiring story of VIkash’s success ignited the hunger to learn. Vikash identified an excellent opportunity for growth, grabbed it by the neck, and worked extremely hard to materialise his success. He is one of the learners who flourished in their career with the help of CodeQuotient.

If you have the courage to follow through, you can also realise your dreams (maybe even exceed your expectations) just like Vikash did. If you aim to upgrade your programming skills and prepare yourself for a reliable job, checkout CodeQuotient now!

Read more such success stories of the learners associated with CodeQuotient and take inspiration to chase your own dreams.

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